Tuesday, July 17, 2012

No Knitting Skills Needed, Scarf Becomes Trim

Last winter a friend of mine made the scarf pictured above. She wore it with a cream colored sweater and it looked fabulous, so I decided to get some of the yarn for myself. I cannot emphasize enough that there are NO KNITTING SKILLS NEEDED for this project. It is so very easy to do. I had to do quite a bit of waiting around yesterday, so bring out an easy project.
The "yarn' comes in hanks pictured above. The fabric is about 4" wide.
As you can see there are large loops and small loops.
The scarf is created by picking up 4 of the large loops as you see above,
and then taking the loop that is directly behind the first loop and
 passing it over the first. Continue with the remaining stitches.
I've attached the video below that will explain the process better.

It's only about 9000 degrees outside, once again, so I won't be wearing this around my neck for a while, but I'm very pleased with the final product. So much so that I've changed my mind about how I am going to use this piece.
Because you are only looping one stitch over the other, the project goes very quickly.
After I finished the piece, I straightened it out and the thought came to me that it would make a perfect, and rather dramatic trim on a jacket or coat. In fact, I think I may get two other colors and layer the three pieces.  Really lovely and rather special if you might be planning to make a "French" jacket.
The yarn comes in a number of lovely colors.
I just love when I do a project with one intention and a whole new possibility comes to life.
I bought my yarn from Patternworks. Shipping is free if you order $50.00 in merchandise. You can see their website and get all the product details here.

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  1. I have another yarn that is funky and used to create a fun scarf (though I haven't, yet), but I haven't seen this "yarn" before. It's even easier to make! Very cute!