Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fabulous Free Pattern Friday

I know, I know, it's Tuesday, but I did a couple of really simple pieces that I thought I would share. What am I talking about?!! Everything on FFPF is simple , but these are extra simple. I'll share one today and the other on Thursday.
The Snuggle Wrap
 Today's piece is a simple little wrap, but there is a small trick.
As you can see, the piece wraps around the back and around the waist. In order for this to work, you must put a twist in the rectangle as you are sewing the ends together.
 You can see the twist in this picture a little better.
This is how the piece would look wrapped around the arms and around the waist although there is no body in the piece it is just laying against the form.
 Now I have wrapped it around the form as if it is on a body.
 A view from the back.
 You could attach the upper portion to the lower portion,
but you would no longer be able to wear it as a scarf. My husband laughed when he took this picture as I have something very warm around my neck and there is a palm tree in the background.
My rectangle was 20" wide before I folded it in half and sewed it together. As for the length measurement, you will need to measure around your body just as the piece will go around you. This is a piece that must be made from a stretch knit fabric.  Before you sew the ends together, wrap the piece around your body and make adjustments in the length. I really like this as an addition to my winter wardrobe. I'm usually cold, so having a piece that I can wear around my neck when I'm outside and then being able to wear it around my body inside sounds like a win, win situation to me.
I made mine from a remnant of fabric that was just about 1 yard long, so this is a nice way to use a smaller piece of fabric and I think it would be a very nice and very simple to make gift as well.
Good luck if you decide to give it a try!

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  1. I am so attracted to unusual wraps - unusual articles of any clothing as a matter of fact. I really like your creation. It looks gorgeous in that cable sweater knit - although I don't know where I'd get that fabric. I was thinking it would look great in any type of sweater knit. What do you think about making it in a jersey knit or even a nice cotton knot - ribbed perhaps. I'm saving this in my favorites.

    1. The cabled sweater knit was just a lucky find. Any knit would look wonderful,especially a sweater knit. But even something with a pattern would also look very interesting as well. Let me know if you do give it a try. I would love to see your creation!!

  2. That's really cute, Ronda. Though, for me, I'd wear it around the neck. ;)

  3. So versatile, Ronda. Thanks for sharing this idea.