Friday, July 6, 2012

Fabulous Free Pattern Friday

Welcome to Friday! Today's little pattern idea is another so, so simple skirt. If you do decide to do the skirt, it may take a little detective work on your part as there is the under skirt which is a 1/4 circular skirt which coordinates with two scarves. Scarf panels are available at the fabric store. Many times we pass them by as we aren't sure what we would do with them. My two pieces of fabric did not come together, in fact I bought the scarf panels at one store and the skirt fabric at another.
This skirt idea is a favorite of mine as the outer skirt flies away from the body as you walk and the under skirt skims the body very nicely.
In the picture below you can see that the two scarves were sewn together in the back. An opening was left at the top so I can get to the zipper which is in the under skirt.
In the next two pictures you see the over skirt pulled back and the under skirt is more visible.
Quite a while back, we talked about circular skirts on Free Pattern Friday, but I think the 1/4 circular skirt is worth going over a little more in depth.
The equation for finding your waistline circumference is;
Your waist measurement x 2/3. 
So, if your waist measurement is 30", multiply that by 2/3 and the result will be 20. 
Begin with a right angle as you see below. From the apex, measure down 20" from one side to the other.   
This will be your waistline.
From the waistline, measure down your desired length as you see below. This time you will measure down from the waistline.
Keep in mind that you are drafting the entire skirt, so this will result in a pattern piece that will be your entire skirt. As you see below, the top and side lines will become your center back lines. Be sure to add seam allowance to your waistline as well as the 2 center back lines and any extra that you would like for your hem.
The final pattern. If you mark one of the center back lines as your straight of grain, keep in mine that the other line will be on the crosswise grain. Also note that the center front will be on the bias. This is not an issue, just a matter of note.
Unless you have a very wide piece of fabric, your pattern piece will probably be too large to cut and have only one seam. Divide the piece in half. 
Now you will have front and back pattern pieces. The grain line is really up to you. The center front and center back can be on the straight of grain as you see below. Just keep in mind that the side seams will now be on the bias. If you are working with a stripe, your fabric, and how you want the final skirt to look will determine where you place your grainline.  
There is an advantage to cutting the 1/4 circular skirt into 2 pieces. It will give you the ability to alter the waistline a little more easily. If you leave it in 1 piece, you can still alter the waistline, but you will only be able to make it smaller and you will have darts on either side. 
As you can see with my skirt, the scarf panels do not meet at center front. Once you have made the 1/4 circular skirt, try it on and determine where you would like your panels to end. The opening between my panels is about 5". Gather the panels and attach at the waistline.
 My ties do not go all the way around the waistline. There is a seam in the waistband at the panel line.
Each of my ties are 27" long. Insert them into the seams which are on either side of the panels.
 Remember to leave an opening in the center back of your two panels in order to get to the zipper.
This skirt took about 3 hours to make from start to finish. It's really quite easy.
I will post a picture of me in the skirt a little later today. I am off for a hair appointment. Once I return, I will look a little better than something the dog drug home, which is how I look right now! Yikes!!!
Have a wonderful day!!

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  1. That is so cute! It reminds me of a Zara piece.

    1. I have never heard of Zara before, so I had to take a look. They have some great shoes.