Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Morning Inspiration

Where does inspiration come from? Quite simply, it comes from everywhere, looking at a great painting, a beautiful sunset and the non visual like the kindness of friends. Very quickly, I would like to publicly thank Shams for her post this past Saturday where she promoted my blog. Sixteen of you are now new followers because of her kindness. Thank you Shams for being one of the kindest people I know and a big, big warm welcome to everyone who is new to the blog. It's wonderful to have you!
For all of you who are new, you will find out that I absolutely LOVE shoes. My husband says that I have a foot problem, there's no shoe that my foot does not like. Yes, I do love shoes, but I also find the designs to be very inspiring. So for a little something inspiring on this lovely Monday morning.............

A little hot red shoe for anyone who loves cats or for the feline in us all!!

 A shoe that would make any foot look drop dead gorgeous.

My favorite shoes have ankle wraps. They make the ankle look tiny and say, "Look at me!"
The combination of red ties with an animal print...KILLER!
 For the woman who fears absolutely nothing.
 This shoe needs no explanation. YIKES!
 I threw this picture in because I do love the shoes, but the entire picture is so wonderful, the print of the dress, the patina of the walls, and the feeling of antiquity mixed with the modern.
And finally, the closet of every girl's dream, shoes, shoes, shoes.
Happy Monday Everyone. May we all have a week filled with color, excitement and inspiration.

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  1. I once did a series of watercolor painting of my high school/ college aged daughters shoes which was so fun. It was kind of like a version of the old time bronzed baby shoes. People wanted to buy them but I couldn't part with them. This reminded me of those paintings and gave me the itch to do some more. Fun! Love your blog and your creative life, thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow, there are some shoes there! I particularly love the red cat shoes. ;)

    I never used to love shoes, and didn't really "get" shoe love, but have caught the bug, at least somewhat. It's very dangerous!

  3. Oh, I'm having to fan myself while I read this- too much pretty!