Thursday, January 19, 2012

Gloves, Because We're Girls!

Do you remember a time when you just weren't dressed unless you were wearing a pair of gloves? I must admit that I'm a little too young, but I do remember wearing gloves on Easter when I was a small child. I always felt so pretty with a pair of gloves on my hands and it made Easter so special.
Look at the gloves in the picture above, they finish the outfit.  
The gloves and matching tights make what would otherwise be a boring outfit exciting. 
Gloves are romantic and seductive.
By any chance, did you see the movie The Tourist? I must admit that I did. The critics didn't like it, but I did. The costume designer did the most spectacular job dressing Angelina Jolie. In almost every scene, she wore gloves.
I loved it!

Would you like to learn how to make gloves? Well, once again, if you live in Chicago, near Chicago, or don't mind coming to Chicago, John Koch is offering his glove class next Saturday, January 28th, 2012. The cost of the class is $75.00 and will run from 9:30 until 4:00. I have taken the class. I loved every minute of the day, but then again I love everything that John does. As I've said in the past, John is by far one of the most talented, most generous people that I know.    

The cost of the class includes this wonderful manual.
Every detail of the process is spelled out. John will also send you home with a complete set of patterns. If you are interested in the class, call John directly to register. The number is (773)275-4151. The class is limited to 6 students. If the class is full, he will take your name and let you know when the next class will be.

John has turned me into a glove fanatic! Pictured above and below are the gloves I made in his class. I would show you the matching top, but I look a little like something the dog brought home, so another time.
Gloves really do make us feel special, add a flair to our outfits and offer protection from the elements.
So grab your gloves. After all we're girls and it's fun to dress up and look special!

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  1. I need to learn this skill (alas, I don't live in Chicago!) as I have large hands and long fingers; vintage gloves never fit and modern gloves that aren't for snow and cold weather don't seem to exist!

    1. I am so looking forward to being able to take his classes once I return home to Chicago in a few months. Thanks for the information Rhonda