Tuesday, October 27, 2020

A Great Jacket Pattern, Vogue 8483

So often, I begin a project and think that it will take a certain amount of time. Then, I get into the project and it takes almost twice the time I thought it would take! That was my day yesterday. I had a household project that I really wanted to accomplish. I knew it wouldn't be an hour project, but thought 3 or 4 hours max. I began a little after 8, and finished up around 3. Now, I did take a break, but, it still took almost twice the amount of time that I thought it would take. The good news is that I stuck with it, and I am so very proud of what I accomplished. I didn't get my blog post done, but all in all, a good day :)


Last week I posted a jacket that I had made quite some time ago, a little plaid jacket that I absolutely love. For the life of me, I couldn't remember what pattern I used. Kelly was so kind to write in and share the pattern number with me, so I thought I would pass it along. 

The above jacket is Vogue 8483. When I saw the pattern it immediately spurred my memory. I absolutely love the pattern. The jacket on the left has a Claude Montana feel to it. The collar is just so pretty! And, I love it in the relaxed version as well. 

I used a pre-quilted fabric, so no lining. But, the time saved in not lining the jacket was taken up with all the bound seams. In the end, so worth it! Taking the jacket off and having it catch someone's eye, just the best compliment. You know, silent compliments are good too! :)

I love playing with patterns, so the little plaid pumps were a fun shoe to pair with the jacket. 

Kelly said that it took her a while to find the pattern in her size, but she has it now! I love when perseverance pays off :) I did find a couple on Ebay. You can find them HERE. There wasn't anything available on Etsy. But, if you like the pattern, just put it in an alert so that when new patterns come up, you'll know. I do that quite often. 

I am super excited as I found the plaid below at Cali Fabrics. I'm making a pair of leggings and a turtleneck that I can pair with this jacket. I'll pair it with a solid skirt, but still, you'll see me coming ;)

It always seems that the projects that take longer than I had thought are ultimately the projects that I am the most proud of. Strange how that happens. Even the quilted jacket in this post, I had thought, "oh this will be a snap." Although it took longer than expected, it was all worth it in the end. 

Happy Sewing!!!


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