Monday, October 12, 2020

Put a Little Swish In Your Day

To start the week off, I am preempting the post that I had intended to do as I had promised this post, and was reminded that I had yet to post it :/ 

I actually made this skirt 7 years ago, YIKES!!! But, I still love it, and I still wear it. Such a fun skirt. I called it the Faux Ruffles Skirt as it looks like there are ruffles around the bottom of the skirt...but there aren't!

In the video you can see how the skirt moves when I walk. It's just super fun!!!

The skirt is nothing but rectangles. The faux ruffles are created with long rectangular strips. Sewing all the strips takes a bit of time, but the prize at the end is worth it.

Each row is a little longer than the previous row. One thing to keep in mind is that this is best out of a knit fabric. The edges of the strips are not finished. Since each row is a little longer than the previous row, the bottom actually forms a bit of a circle which gives the skirt that super swish when you walk.

If you would like to make a skirt for yourself, all of the instructions can be found HERE.

It's always fun to have a little swish in your day ;)

BTW, my peppers that I made last night turned out to be lovely. I used bulgar which is a cracked wheat for the base of my stuffing. While I thought they were quite good, I like THIS recipe for stuffed peppers that I did a while back. It's just a little heartier than the peppers I made last night. While I like what I did, I don't think the recipe is worth posting. But, new recipes are coming down the pike ;) 


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