Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Four Months In!

I recently read a book that had a number of exercises to help the reader be much more focused on their surroundings. One of the exercises asked the reader to choose a specific car color, and not something common like black, but rather something like salmon. What I found interesting is that once I was focusing on that particular color, a color that I thought I would not see, it just seemed to pop out of no where. It was such a wonderful exercise, and it showed me that if I focus, I see so much more. 

The word focus would sum up quite well what I am learning through this process of wearing a garment that I've made for 1 year. At this point, I am 4 months into the challenge. My goal is to wear a garment that I've made for 1 year ending on July 1, 2021. I actually began on June 22nd just to give myself a little practice run. I have missed, I think, 3 days, for which I am not going to beat myself up over. I did miss a day this past week. I had a household project that I wanted to accomplish. What I thought would take a few hours took most of the day. Once I finished, all I wanted to do was put on a pair of sweatpants and call it a day (BTW, I did put on a top too!!! ;) 

This post begins with October 7th. 

I made this skirt quite a while ago. One of our former exchange students left behind a sweatshirt. I wore it for a while as a sweatshirt, but it ended up with stains on the front. I just could bear to throw it out. After thinking about it for a while, I decided to play with it and see what I could do. I began by cutting the sleeves off, and then turned it upside down, so the bottom of the sweatshirt is at my waist. I took scraps and made the flowers which covered up the stains. 

I kept the tag and sewed it on the back. Nautica might not appreciate this publicity! 

I now have a skirt that reminds me of a very special student whom I feel is more like a child of my own. 

The top I am wearing is from my Fabulous Free Pattern Friday series. It's a little wacky, but it really is just a rectangle. You can find the instructions HERE. The leggings are the Avery Leggings from Helen's Closet. Such a lovely pattern. 

This turned out to be a very eventful day. I went hiking, and of course took Berkley along. Not long before this picture was taken, I had sat down on a rock to have a picture taken. Berkley saw something and took off like a shot. All I saw was his little butt as he disappeared into the wilderness. He was gone for a good 10 minutes. Oh my, the thoughts that went through my head. The worst was the thought of having to leave the mountain without him, something that would have been almost impossible for me to do. But, the little bugger came back. If you look closely at the picture below, you'll see the leash securely in my hand. I was not about to let go of him!

I'm wearing a pair of cargo pants that I made with a Molly Tee from Pattern Union. The cargo pants were made from an out of print pattern. But you can see my post about these pants HERE. Just the perfect pants for hiking. 

Although the picture is a little fuzzy, you can see how happy I am to have this crazy little guy back in my arms. BTW, I am wearing a cap that I knitted. It's a Nicky Epstein design. I can't remember which book it came from. 

The skirt I am wearing is another piece from my Fabulous Free Pattern Friday Series. It's just 3 rectangles. 

I call it the Sweeping Rectangles Skirt as the 2 rectangles that are along the bottom of the skirt sweep around the top rectangle. Super easy to do. You can find the instructions HERE. The top I am wearing is another Helen's Closet pattern. It's the Elliot Sweater and Tee that has been modified a bit.     

On Sunday, October 11th, we had snow! I so love snow. It was one of those days when something super easy and warm was what I wanted to wear.

So, I pulled out my leggings and cardigan. The leggings are the Loveland Leggings from Sew News, and the cardigan is the Blackwood Cardigan from Helen's Closet. My turtleneck is a purchased piece.  

I felt that I looked a little like Robin Hood in this outfit ;) The skirt I am wearing is nothing more than 2 rectangles, another piece I did for my Fabulous Free Pattern Friday Series. It actually doubles as a top as well. You can find the post HERE. The top is from Friday Pattern Company and it's the Adrienne Blouse. I have fallen in love with this pattern. It's easy to make, and I just love how it sits on the shoulders, as well as the sleeve. Such a lovely piece.    

I made this Pepernoot Jacket from Waffle Patterns for a Sew News sew along. I modified it a bit, leaving off the hood, and doing patch pockets rather than the zippered pockets. This is a garment that will most likely be in my possession until the day I die! I love it that much :) 

I paired the jacket with a self-drafted pencil skirt, and yet another Molly Tee from Pattern Union. Here's an instance where being a little more focused taught me something. At some point during the day, the thought went through my mind, "I so love wearing a pencil skirt and t-shirt."   

In this photo I was showcasing the tights that I made. Sadly, this pattern is not available, but I am working on a pair of self-drafted tights. More on those soon. 

The dress I am wearing is from Pattern Union. She has this great dress pattern that only has 1 seam down the center back, the Sumekko Dress. How much easier can it get?!! I added the flanges at the sleeves, just to give the dress the hint of a sleeve. I paired it with a washable wool tee that I made using Londa's Terrific 'T' Knit Top. This is another t-shirt pattern that I really love. It has a number of neckline options and sleeve lengths. 

I so love making tights as I can have the freedom of choosing such fun fabrics. These were made with a stretch velvet. I paired the tights with a great sweatshirt pattern from Naughty Bobbins Patterns, the La Megeve Pullover. There will be more of these in my wardrobe!

This is a pattern where money was well spent since I have now made 3!!! With this dress, I made a change in the sleeve, giving it a long sleeve, kind of a modified Bishop Sleeve. This if Vogue 9237. This brings me up to October 16th.

Here are the other 2 versions that I made. The orange linen dress is straight off the pattern. The sleeves on the gray dress were modified. I have plans to make 1 more. I want to do a sheer dress with a slip. I think that will be fun.

Although the project of wearing a garment that I've made takes a lot of attention, I think it's one of the best things that I have done for myself in quite a while. There have been other benefits that I did not expect, like just taking better care of myself, even something as simple as making sure I moisturize my body everyday. Who would have thought?!!

One thing that is lacking in my wardrobe is sweatpants and sweatshirts for the winter. I'm on the lookout for some cute patterns. If by chance you have some suggestions, by all means, let me know!

Have a wonderful day, and be sure to wear your me made garments!


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  1. Have you tried the Named Clothing Ruri Sweatpants, love them. The waistband, how they have you sew it, is a bit tricky but they come out cute. Almost like secret sweatpants.

  2. The Grainline Linden Sweatshirt looks nice. I love their Lark tee and Maritime shorts.

  3. If you want a pattern for tights, The Petite Stitchery has the Adult Opal Tights and Knee Highs.