Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Write it Down, Make It Happen

A quick update on the sewing adventure that Helen Haughey and I will be hosting in June. All of the information will be up on the blog first thing tomorrow. I'm really excited as I think it is going to be such a fun experience. 

It seems that if you are creative, it's rare that you enjoy doing just one thing. In the past, I've shared that I began at an early age doing embroidery and hand sewing. That lead to knitting, crocheting, and ultimately tatting, taught by my grandmother, and all of which she did beautifully. While I love to tat, my first passion after sewing is probably knitting. Crocheting has a never been a real passion, just something I know how to do, but not super well.

Quite a few years ago, I met and became friends with a wonderful woman who had the most incredible knit shop in Houston. This place was simply amazing. Friends of mine in Chicago were always surprised to hear me say that I waited to do any yarn shopping until I got back to Houston. After all, Houston is not exactly the sweater capitol of the United States. Maybe a few light weight wool sweaters, and cotton pieces, but not the heavy duty things we need in a colder climate. But, my friend carried it all. Her shop was like a knitting wonderland. And trust me, my eyes would glaze over when I entered the store, and all memory of the projects I had waiting at home seemed to magically jump right out of my head. 

Life seems to take twists and turns that we never really expect, and the same held true for my friend. She had never wanted or expected to have a baby, but as fate would have it, she became pregnant and her passions changed. She no longer wanted to run the store, she wanted time at home with her child, and who could blame her? 

Her closing the store was probably a favor to me as well as I amassed quite a collection of projects. A few years ago, I learned of Lorna's Laces and that she has a warehouse sale on occasion, not the same as my friend's store, but this too added to my collection. And it also doesn't help that Lorna's Laces is merely blocks away from my home :/

So this year I decided that I am not purchasing anything new, I MUST begin to thin the stash. My goal is to finish 12 projects by the end of the year. I'm already behind. But, if I have nothing else, I do have blind faith :) 

I began the year with this scarf project from Rowan Yarns. If you subscribe to their magazine, you get a free project(just what I needed!). This is the first time that I have not been happy with a Rowan yarn. It's the Rowan, Alpaca Colour yarn. If you look at the picture below, you can see how the yarn does not have a consistent color. The dye lot was the same on all the skeins. 

I decided that I would weave a small cord of coordinating yarn through the lacing, so I purchased a yarn that picks up the darker color in the yarn. I'll also use it in the fringe. So much for thinking that I had a project finished.

The next project that I have been working on is a shawl with yarn from Lorna's Laces. The yarn is lovely, but it's like knitting with thread, and there's nothing to the pattern to hold my interest, so I am bored beyond belief!!! The only saving grace is that I think I will really enjoy having the shawl once it's finished.

Once I get the shawl completed, I have a few quick to knit projects that will hopefully get me back on schedule.

This one will be super fast, it's just a little neck piece from Classic Elite Yarns. It was a thank you gift for attending the Yoga and Knitting Adventure in Maine a couple of years ago. 

A number of years ago, I knitted a pair of felted clog slippers for my husband. He LOVED them! So much so that he completely wore them out. He'll be thrilled to get a new pair.

When I went to the Knitting and Yoga Adventure in Maine, I ended up skipping the knitting as I preferred to hike and then go to the yoga classes. The project that we were supposed to do was a cabled neck scarf. 

I've only knitted 1 pair of socks in my entire life. Like many who begin to knit socks, I enjoyed the first, the second was a bit laborious, but I am determined to get this pair finished. The yarn is really quite lovely, so maybe that will help.

I really need to get this little sweater finished as I think I'll truly enjoy having it in my wardrobe. Here again, it's rather boring, and nothing to really hold my attention, but the yarn is so lovely, so once again, I'm determined. At least I hope so ;)

This will be the bigger project of the year. I purchased the variegated yarn below at a Lorna's Laces warehouse sale. 

 I finally decided upon this sweater from a Rowan  book. This is something I know I will enjoy on cold days.

I could have paddled to China faster than I have moved on this sweater!!! It's done in Rowan yarn and it's from a Kaffe Fasset book. I know I am going to enjoy throwing it on with jeans, just a matter of buckling down and getting it done. Basically, the front and back are finished, I just need to do the sleeves.

The last 3 projects are a scarf, a hat, and a bag, so not intense projects. I'll share those once I get to them.

Last year I read a book entitled, "Write It Down and Make It Happen." A few years back, I wrote down a dream that I had for our church. What I had hoped for was huge and not something I could accomplish on my own. But, I wrote it down, and I was amazed to see how it all came together last year. I had a part in making it happen, but seeing how it all unfolded was exciting and renewed my faith. 

Another day, I'll share a book that I put together a month or so ago where I can write and dream for 2017, and maybe beyond. My knitting list is in the book, so I am believing that this will happen. Then next year I can dream about 12 more projects. Yep, there's at least 12 more waiting in the attic!

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  1. Rhonda, I love your plan of twelve items per year. Quality, not quantity is always a winner for me. Is this 12 knit projects or 12 "creative" projects?

    1. The projects above are my knitting goals for the year. As for quality, none are not great feats of work, but at least they will be out of my stash basket and on to being used, or given as gifts.

  2. dear rhonda, there are lots of tutorials on internet and on you tube to show you how to knit two socks at the same time. I have the same problem i don't like doing two times the same thing so I knit two socks or two sleeves together. So that I am rid of it and can do something else. It really saves time. Good knitting
    Odile from Paris

    1. Thanks Dora. I REALLY need to look into at least knitting 2 socks at once. I've had a number of people tell me that it has really saved their sock knitting as they no longer end up with a lonely sock waiting for a friend :)