Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Wednesday Showcase

A few months ago, our alderman sent out a notice that we could get free rain barrels for our gardens. When I was a little girl, a number of people in our community would catch rain water and use it for their gardens as well as washing their hair. They felt that there was nothing better for soft, beautiful hair. I've always wanted a rain barrel, so I thought, why not?!!, and ordered 2. Well, I came home this afternoon and found 4 barrels in my front yard. 4!!! My mind has been twisting round and round about where I can place them, all along wondering, WHAT AM I GONG TO DO WITH 4 RAIN BARRELS?!!! Well, I think I've figured it out, so once I can spend a little time in the garden, I'll get them hooked up and hopefully start watering my garden with Mother Nature's nectar :) A fun new project.

Another fun project is always The Wednesday Showcase. I just love bringing you sweet smiling faces, fun projects, and incredible sewing skills. 

Up first today is a very sweet smiling face, Catherine of The Stylish Stitcher. She has only been sewing for a few years, but as it turns out, she hasn't fallen far from the tree. Her mother is an avid sewist. Hoping to inspire her daughter, she gave Catherine a sewing machine that ended up sitting in a corner for a while, but has now become a coveted friend. She began with pajama pants, but has fallen in love with making the cutest dresses, like this little strawberry print which was made by using New Look 6262. Love the belt!

Such a cute picture! Her cat is Oscar, and what a lovely garden. 

Catherine is an avid knitter.

She also enjoys giving other projects a try like this super cute tote bag for her knitting projects.

I know you will enjoy getting to know Catherine, so be sure to popover and say hello!

Up next is Ann of Alice & Ann Sewing Studio. Her blog title is a tribute to her mother Alice who inspired her to learn to sew at the age of 8. It was because of this inspiration that Ann went on to FIT in New York, earned a bachelor's degree of Fine Arts in Apparel Design, and then became a fashion designer. While she was raising her children, she did interior design work. The treat is that she shares her sewing and design knowledge with all of us!

Below is a lovely piece made from Closet Case Files' Ebony T-Shirt pattern. The drape is absolute perfection, and the finishing that Ann did around the neckline is so exquisite. 

For any of you who are thinking about the Grainline Studio Adler Shirtdress, check out HER POST. She made a few changes and added pockets. Just might put you over the edge about giving the pattern a try. It did me! 

You can find tutorials on everything from blind hemming,  to a mock French seam. 

Ann also shares her knowledge of home dec and interior design. You'll find very detailed tutorials on making Roman Shades and Pleated Cafe Curtains. 

Ann's blog is fairly new, but it is already a wealth of information. I know you are going to truly enjoy all she has to share.

The weather here in Chicago has been so warm. The trees are beginning to bud, and my chives are up and ready to be harvested. Now that I have my rain barrels, the weather is going to turn and we'll probably have snow into May! But, maybe not ;)

Happy Wednesday Everybody!!!

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  1. Your friends are very talented - everything looks so beautifully finished, and the delight on Catherine's face was a wonderful thing to see this early in the morning! Thanks for sharing...

  2. hmmmm. sadly her blog seems to be out of service right now. maybe servers are down.... I don't get a 404 message - it goes to the URL but the pages are blank. I'll check back in again later. :-(
    Jennifer in KS

  3. Meant to say the Alice & Ann Sewing Studio blog. sorry.

  4. Unfortunately Alice and Ann's link isn't working, Rhonda. Hope they get it fixed soon. These are two awesome sewists.

    1. I just gave it a try and it came up, so whatever the issue was, it must be fixed now.

  5. Enjoyed the Wednesday showcase.

  6. Both of them are so very talented. Thank you for introducing them!

  7. Always enjoy looking forward to Wednesday Showcase, and meeting these talented people!

  8. What gorgeous makes. That strawberry dress is gorgeous and I love the drape on that top. It is perfect. What amazingly talented ladies. I hope that your rain barrels will be really useful. Water is not something that we are short of in Scotland so I have big compost bins instead. :D Xx