Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Patterns That Are Fun To Dream Over

Life has been a bit crazy lately, house guests, and then just stuff. Sometimes there's just no better way to describe the things we have to deal with than to just call it stuff. But all is beginning to return to normal, and I for one am very happy. So you'll be hearing from me much more in the coming days :)

Like many, or most of you, I received an email yesterday showcasing the new Spring/Summer Vogue Patterns. Last winter, I was so very happy when Paco Peralta was the new featured designer and I purchased the Assymetrical Jacket and Dropped Shoulder Top pattern. It's cut, not sewn, and I'm giving it a little twist that I'll share soon. This is a perfect piece for the Chicago spring and summer.

Paco's pattern was the first Vogue pattern that I've purchased in quite some time. There was a time when I couldn't wait for the new pattern book to come out. I would drool over the patterns, especially the Claude Montana patterns, and then write down all the numbers, just as if I was making a Christmas wish list. Sadly, those days have been gone for quite some time. More often than not, there's little that catches my attention...until last night.

I absolutely love this Rebecca Vallance dress. Unless you are going to a cocktail, or black tie event, the dress would not get a lot a of wear as is. But, the neckline would be easy to fill in. The armholes are also a little low, but like the neckline, could also be filled in.     

The pattern is really quite versatile as the skirt would be super cute all on its own. 

This dress from Tom and Linda Platt has a lovely vintage feel. It also has an elegant easy to wear look.

I love having a new dress for Easter, and I think that this just might be it this year. It's elegant from the front, and interesting from the back.

I still enjoy a two-piece swim suit, but I'm past wearing a bikini, way past ;)  This vintage suit pattern offers a fun take on a two-piece with the easy to wear shorts. 

Love everything about the pattern, even the cover-up. The only change I would make is to lengthen the cover-up and then make it out of a fun lacy fabric.

I was so happy to see a new pattern from Paco Peralta. My favorite version is the shorter tunic and the cropped pant.

For some reason, the top on this  Very Easy Vogue  pattern caught my attention. 

The line drawing is a better representation of the top. I'm not much for an elastic waist pant, but the pant from Paco's pattern would be the perfect substitute.  

I also received an email from Tessuti Fabrics. They have a new pattern out, the Yuki Dress. This is a super easy to wear dress that could easily be shortened and worn as a top as well.

From the photograph above, it seems that the neckline could be left ungathered and worn softly over the shoulders. I'll find out as I bought the PDF version of the pattern!   

I'm looking forward to some fun new additions to my wardrobe. And even if I don't end up purchasing all of the patterns, it was fun to dream :)

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  1. I was drooling over that Tom and Linda Platt dress. I live in pants but I find the dress so beautiful that I must purchase this pattern. I also like the Paco Peralta pattern, the version with the shorter tunic. However, I am short and top heavy so I may not be able to pull it off. I will be keeping an eye out on Pattern Review to see how it looks on different shapes. I look forward to seeing your creations!

  2. I, too, got the Vogue email and was drooling over the same patterns. I head to the BVIs in three weeks and just wish I had time to make all of them, but guess I will settle for one or two. Haven't made a bathing suit in many years. Any suggestions on how long it will take and what I need to know?

    1. Have a wonderful time!!!
      As for bathing suits, they really go together quite fast. Plan for your first from any pattern to be your test run. Bra cups in my opinion are a must. With the suit here from Vogue, the cups are easy to add. Make sure that your fabric is a swimsuit fabric and stretches in all directions. You can get swimsuit fabric at Joann's that won't cost an arm and a leg. Great for testing out a pattern.

  3. Thanks for pointing out these beauties.