Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Perfect Pant Retreat and An Opportunity Not To Be Missed!

One of my absolute all time favorite movies is "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles." It's a story about a rather uptight business man (Steve Martin), and a shower curtain ring salesman (John Candy). Both are trying to get to Chicago, but due to flight delays and bad weather, they end up on quite an adventure that involves planes, trains, and automobiles. It's a silly, but hilarious movie. I have probably watched the movie at least 10 or more times. It' s a movie that makes me laugh each and every time I see it. If you have not seen it, you can watch it for FREE HERE

Yesterday was a planes, trains, and automobiles day for me. I was traveling back to Chicago from Denver. The day began early with a van service to the airport, then a bit of a wait. Thankfully, my flight was not canceled or delayed. Made it to Chicago where I jumped on the elevated train which takes me just a short 3 block walk to my home. As it turned out, we were having a horrible storm in Illinois as well as Chicago, thunderstorms, tornadoes, pouring down rain. Of course, I had no umbrella, or raincoat, so rather than walking home and being soaking wet by the time I arrived, I decided to get off at a stop where I had a good chance of getting a taxi. I didn't have to wait too long, but by the time I finally arrived home, I was exhausted! Still am ;)

In our last Sewbussted's Material Witness video, I introduced you to Karen Bengtson who is a master pant fitting instructor. She will be having a pant fitting retreat and all of the info is below.

Perfect Pant Retreat 

June 6 - June 9, 2017  With Karen’s Sew Unique  
Workshop Cost: Early registration $275 until April 1, 2017. 
After April 1st, $300. Max 10 students. 
Lodging and Food at Peaceful Valley Resort, Lyons CO 
Private Room: $533, Double Room: $333
Fitting will begin at 2:30 on Tuesday June 6, 45 minutes with each student, Dinner at 6PM, finish up fitting, and go over sewing schedule for the workshop. 
Supplies to bring: Sewing machine, all of your feet, general sewing tools, wool fabric and lining, thread to match. Instructor will have Pendleton wool and lining available for purchase. Machine rentals: $50.
You will go home with a custom pant pattern, finished pair of lined pants, knowledge to make another pair, and instructor’s instruction manual. 
Instructor: Karen Bengtson 
Phone: 303-746-0978 
Email: karenssewunique@gmail.com 
Full payment due May 1, 2017 
Make checks out to;
Karen Bengtson
1525 Ervine Ave.
Longmont, CO 80501

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Karen directly.

Coming Up On The Blog...

This Friday, a new episode of Sewbussted's Material Witness will be up and you DO NOT want to miss this one!!! 

There will be a GREAT giveaway attached to this video that I know you will want to have an opportunity to win.

Have you dreamed of having one of your sewing ideas or a creation published? Then be sure to come back by on Friday. There will be a VERY exciting announcement made!!!

I just LOVE being able to bring great opportunities your way!
Kinda feels like being a fairy godmother :)

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  1. Love that movie too, so funny. Glad you got home ok in the end :)

    1. I think I can actually quote most of the lines 😀
      At least my travel wasn't as eventful! Always good to be home.

  2. I took Karen's pants class some years ago and ended up with a fabulous fitting pair of pants. You can see the pants on my blog www.sewmuchfashion, posts Pants Fit - Part I and Pants Fit - Part II. Karen is very knowledgeable and experienced in addition to a very down to earth person. The class was also a lot of fun. Take this class - you will be happy you did!

    1. I mean to address the above comment to fellow posters and visitors to this site since you already know how wonderful Karen is.

    2. Thanks Tomasa for your kind words. Your class was a lot of fun!


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