Monday, November 24, 2014

Monday Morning Inspiration

The Sewaholic Robson Trench Coat sew along begins a week from today, so I thought a little trench coat inspiration might be in order. Whether you are sewing along with me this December or just think you might make a trench in the future, I think I found some ideas that will make your trench extra special.
I love the idea of just the front panels being a traditional trench and the rest of the coat done in wool.
 Or how about this for a fun idea?
The sleeves and collar are accented and rather than a traditional belt, maybe one with a little more of a military influence.
I thought this was super cute with the swingy peplum.
 Making the panels out of wool gives this little short version a very slender look.
A lovely ombre effect.
 This coat also has an ombre effect, but what I really like is the addition of the lace. So pretty.
How about some  non traditional fabric choices?

The coat below is not a trench, but I love the fabric and I especially like the idea of a stripe with a psychedelic applique.
Floral pattern, perfect for spring.

Or....if you dare...a see through version.

An all out feminine lace trench. 

Now this is over the top lace!!!

Love this fabric!
Trench designed by Jillian Lewis of Project Runway worn by Beyonce. It may not keep your dress dry in the rain, but you'll look great!!!

The Robson Trench is not lined, but during the sew along, I will talk about lining the coat. What about a faux fur lining?!!
 Or a super cute border print?
 Now this trench covers trim and lining. How special is this coat????
  A few other ideas for trimming.
  This coat is from Chanel, of course :)
 How about a little peekaboo touch?
 Or...you could forgo the traditional buttons and add a zipper.
 This is not a trench, but it gave me an idea. Chop the coat off at the hips and add a circular skirt.
  Maybe do some lacing details.
 And for a little ahhhhh :) We can't leave out our little best friend.
 So precious :)

Now you can make a trench for yourself and your little dog too!!!
Hope your week is off to a lovely start :)

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  1. I'm still drooling over the jillian lewis trench worn by Beyonce a few years back. You'll find it if you google.

  2. I made a Robson this past spring, but these pix are making me want to sew another!!

    1. Who knew that a trench coat could be so much fun?!!!

  3. Rhonda, you are doing a fine job inspiring me to make a coat that I don't need! These are gorgeous and fun.

  4. I love this post - so much inspiration! I have a full length Robson but I'm planning a spring hack for next year and there are some ideas here I'm tempted to incorporate!

  5. You create needs in me dear Rhonda. I definitely need one of these ... the lace one stole my heart.

  6. Im drooling over Jillian Lewis trench!!! So sexy! But to be honest all of them are great and I realised I badly need a trench in my life ;)

  7. Oh my, who knew. Now I want to play....

  8. The inspiration you've found makes me wish I were sewing along, too, but I don't really need or want another trench coat. I'll be following along, though, and can't wait to see the inspired versions you all sew.