Friday, November 21, 2014

Fabulous Free Pattern Friday

Ahhh, a little normalcy :), a Fabulous Free Pattern Friday entry!!!
Today I have a fun and as always, well almost always, a very simple rectangular design.
I really enjoyed putting this one together. You must use a knit fabric for this top.
The Draped Waterfall Top
The front and the back are the same, after all, it is a rectangle. What gives the top so much drape is the shirring that you see on the left shoulder. The shirring is crated with elastic that is zigzagged to the seam.
The top laid out flat. There's the basic body of the top, 2 sleeves, and a band along the bottom.
Here is how the shape is achieved.
Begin with a basic rectangle. The rectangle should be at least 10" wider than your hip measurement and your desired length. The notch that you see on the left hand side marks an opening for a sleeve and the notch on the right hand side marks the opening for the neckline.

 The top seam line will be sewn and then elastic zig zagged to the seam to create the shirring. The hip opening along the lower edge will be half of your hip measurement. Draw in the curved line. It should be about half way between the bottom of the rectangle and the neck opening.
 The notch along the curved line marks the opening for the second sleeve.
 The final pattern. The lines marked in orange are the seam lines.
You will need to cut 2 of the main body.
Cut 2 rectangles for the sleeves that will fit into the sleeve openings. The sleeve openings should be wide enough for your bicep to go through comfortably. Once the sleeves are in place,taper them so that they will fit your wrist comfortably.
I also added a band to the lower edge, just a rectangle.
I'm planning to wear the top tomorrow, so I will try to get a picture of me in the top.
One last note on the elastic shirring. Cut your elastic half the length of the seam. Stretch it has you zig zag it in place. This will create the shirring.

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  1. I love this, it's so clever and the end product is gorgeous!