Monday, July 25, 2011

A New Dress For A Summer Day

My clematis are blooming for a second time this summer. Maybe they like the scorching heat that we have been having.
I awoke early this morning and the first thought on my mind was that I would like a new dress today. For many this would mean a trip to the store, walking around for probably a good period of time, trying on clothes that only frustrate you, and then more than likely leaving upset for having found nothing and wasting so much time. For those of us who sew, the possibility of having that new dress when we want it is just a matter of going into our studios, choosing a piece of fabric, a pattern and getting started. So I quickly ate my breakfast and down to my studio I went.
I bought this fabric at Britex while on my last trip to San Francisco. It reminds me of a watercolor painting. 

The pattern I used is one of my own. As you can see it has a draped front as well as a draped neckline. I'll post a picture of the pattern on Monday. In order to get this double drape, darts are rotated into the shoulder. If you look at the picture above, there is a dart line seam coming from the left shoulder.
This is another version of the same pattern. The only difference is that the it has long sleeves and is a top rather than a dress.
I would like your help. Should I shorten the dress? I have stood at the mirror and pulled the dress up and let it back down and I just can't decide. I do rather like how it flows with it being a bit longer.

I have a niece that just loves to come and see all the projects that I am working on. She tells me that she so admires how I can make what I wear and then adds that she really doesn't want to do it for herself. So disappointing, but I am determined, eventually I am going to snag her. This dress took no more than an hour to make. Yes there was the time it took to buy the fabric, but I don't count that. Fabric stores are an adventure, a fun destination. Sewing is about freedom, freedom to make the choice of what you want to wear, freedom to choose the fabric and color that will look best on you, and the freedom of not having to spend countless hours searching endlessly for something that will still need to be altered.
Bravo to all of you who sew and take the time to share what you do. I just saw an article that talked about Wal-mart  bringing back their fabric departments. Wal-mart may not have the fabric that many of us long to work with, but I think this is wonderful news. It shows that we have a voice and the biggest retailer in America heard it!

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