Thursday, July 28, 2011

Frustrating Feathers

What a day! I was so excited about getting feather extensions. Last January my husband and I were in Winter Park, Colorado. A young woman on the ski team had these great feathers in her hair. I loved them, but had no idea where to get them. I went into a local salon for a manicure and they were putting some in a clients hair. We were leaving in a few days so I decided not to get any. I've thought about those crazy feathers ever since. Then, there was a Groupon from a salon here in Chicago that was offering feather extensions. Great, so I bought two, one for myself and one for my niece. What was pictured on the Groupon was exactly what I wanted. When we got into the salon, the woman very quickly started trying to sell us an "upgrade." The feathers were nothing like what I wanted. I explained that what was pictured was what I wanted. She told us that the prices had changed since I bought the Groupon and that she could not offer those. I was hopping mad. My niece was satisfied with what they had so I let her use both Groupons. When I had my last appointment with my hairdresser, I saw that she has the extensions that I wanted. I now have an appointment with her tomorrow evening and I will get what  I thought I was going to get today. By the way, I did call Groupon to complain. I told them that I wasn't looking to get my money back but I thought they should know that the salon wasn't making good on what they had promised. Groupon insisted on refunding the price of one Groupon. Nice.      
 A few promised pictures.

 Thanks for all the lovely compliments. And a welcome to the new followers. Thanks for joining me.

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