Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Make Your Own Detachable Accent Collar/Free Pattern

About 3 weeks ago, I did a Monday Morning Inspiration post on detachable, accent collars.   You can see the post HERE. So many of you enjoyed the post, so I thought I would do a pattern to share with everyone. A detachable collar is something that is fun year round and can change the most boring of outfits.

For the holidays, I did this super fun collar.  

This is the back side, so it's like having 2 collars in one.

Here, paired with a simple black wool knit dress.

What's fun about the collar is that it can be worn traditionally as above, turned to the side as below, and even turned to the back for another cute look.

You can download the FREE PATTERN HERE. Just a word of warning, there are 2 sheets. Sadly, I couldn't get the collar on 1 sheet of paper, so you will need a tiny bit of tape. Somehow, I downloaded the pattern twice, so there are actually 2 patterns in the file. You may want to select just the first 2 pages rather than all 4. 

To make the collar, you will need 3/4 yard of ribbon for the ties. You could also do a button loop and a small button if you would rather not have the ties. A hook and eye closure is another option. 

***1/4" seam allowances have been included in the pattern, so just cut and sew!

If you would like a video tutorial on making the collar, just let me know, I'll be happy to do one. 

The collars make great gifts, and they are fun to wear. Also a great way to use up scraps that are just too nice to not use.

Have Fun!!!

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  1. Thank you so much for this pattern. It is gorgeous and has a real vintage vibe in that stripy material. I am off over the holidays so have a whole pile of stuff still to try. I am going to add this to it as it is so lovely. Hope that Mel got in touch. She was so excited that you had featured her stuff. Xx

  2. Love it! How my grandma (who taught me how to sew and bought me my first sewing machine for Christmas one year, about 35 years ago now!) would've loved the world of sewing these days, the wonderful blogs who encourage and support it, and those who are so generous in sharing their patterns and ideas. She was an amazing sewist, from sewing my uncle's equestrian suits to my wedding dress and (painstakingly detailed) Barbie clothes. I always miss her presence on Earth this time of year. Thank you for sharing, Rhonda!

  3. What a wonderful holiday accessory! It certainly perks up that black dress. And thank-you for sharing the pattern!

  4. Thank you. The collar is very pretty on your black dress.

  5. Wow! Such a great idea to make the outfit POP! ♥

  6. Thanks for sharing the idea and even the pattern Rhonda, such a cute little project, also a nice idea for gifts.
    The side turned version reminds me of a late dress of mine from my teenager years (almost 30 years ago). It was a lovely, light beige and coffee colored, checkered dress, with nice, rather big, side turned collar and I loved that detail on it. :)

    1. I’m happy that I brought back such a fun memory 😊 I bet you looked so lovely in that dress as well!

  7. wanderfullllll rhonda perfektttt

  8. Love these ideas - a great way to use some dupioni & kimono scraps I have.

  9. Love this! A great fashion accessory and easy enough for beginners!