Friday, July 21, 2017


Happy Friday!
I am so very happy to finally be back with an all new episode of Sewbussted's Material Witness!!!

There may be a few of you who have thought, "I have a great idea that I think should be published," and yet, you aren't sure just how to take the first step. And then there may be others that would just like to know what goes into the process.

I recently had the opportunity to meet published author Laura Farson. She is the author of 5 books, 3 on quilting, 

And 2 fabulous knitting books.

I had a wonderful time talking with Laura. She's very inspirational, and I think that if you've thought that this is something you can't do, Laura will prove otherwise!

Although Laura's quilting books are out of print, you can find them all HERE at AbeBooks. It's a wonderful website that I found where the prices are great, and the shipping is free!!! You can also find her knitting books there, but keep in mind that they are used. Of course you can purchase a brand new book HERE at Amazon. 

The book that Laura mentions reading before she began her publishing journey is How To Write a Non-Fiction Book Proposal. I suggest looking into your public library for this book. 

Laura talks about writing articles for magazines as a way to get your feet wet before jumping in to an entire book. You may remember that Ellen March, editor of Sew News invited anyone who would like to submit articles. You can find that video HERE.  
One thing that Laura wanted me to pass along to you is that if you do have an idea for a book, the entire book does not need to have been written when you submit your proposal, so keep that in mind :) 

I hope this has been helpful to some and enjoyable to others. I know I had a great time!

Be sure to stop back by next week as I have a fabulous surprise for our next episode of Sewbussted's Material Witness!!! 

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