Monday, July 17, 2017

Monday Morning Inspiration/Pantsuits Are Back!

Happy Monday All :)

Last week, my husband purchased a regular bird feeder, and a hummingbird feeder. I have feeders out in the garden, hanging in trees. More often than not, regardless of what I do, the squirrels have a heyday, but...they need to eat too ;) You should see some of the contortions they make to get to the seeds. Absolutely hilarious!

The new bird feeders are hanging just outside my patio door. I think we have created monsters!!! At times there are 10 birds vying for a space on the feeder. Then someone will get their shorts in a twist and start a fight. The hummingbirds are just as bad. There are 4 spouts on the feeder, but there is one little bird who does not like to share and chases everyone else away. I wish I could get across to them that there's plenty...share...there's more to come! I've smiled a lot over the last few days, but in reality, they are actually no different from us when we feel jealous and territorial. Hmmm ;)

From Vogue magazine, to various blog posts, I have read a number of articles about how the pantsuit is back. So I decided to take a look around. What I discovered is that yes, they are back,but with a much more feminine  touch than the power suits of the 80s and 90s.

This is a suit from Carolina Herrera. The jacket is soft, somewhat structured, but given a feminine touch with the sweet tie. 

Another suit from a recent Carolina Herrera collection. Contrasting plaids with the softness of the added peplum.

A little more traditional, but softened with the overcoat rather than a structured jacket.

From Roberto Cavalli, I absolutely adore this suit. A structure jacket paired with a ruffled shirt, and then a great floral print. 

Christian Siriano is also doing pantsuits. His are much more traditional, but I love the addition of the flowers on the plaid.

Another suit from Christian Siriano, it's very matchy, matchy, but quite striking. Love the horizontal stripes.

I don't think I've seem Amal Clooney in anything I haven't liked. Here she is wearing a very traditional suit, but has paired it with a soft t-shirt.

Princess Kate is another that always seems to wear the perfect outfit. Her traditional suit has been paired with a ruffle shirt giving it a very feminine touch.

This suit is a little quirky, but I do like the shape of the jacket.

Another sleek traditional suit, but made so very feminine with the addition of a lace tee. Great look!

A little on the wild side, but I love this look. The jacket is more traditional, but the pants make the entire look fabulous. 

A completely matched outfit. The magic touch...the contrasting shoes.

The perfect travel suit, a great pair of wool pants paired with a cashmere sweater and a matching unstructured coat.

And finally, just all out fun from Mary Kantrantzou. Check out the matching of the pattern. Spot on perfect!

For those of us who love a suit, we now have permission to match it up. Just be sure to give it a soft touch and make it all out feminine! I REALLY want to make a pair of harlequin pants with a black and white jacket. Hey, we only live once :)

Have a great week!

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  1. I have been utterly in love with suits since high school, when I started sewing for myself in order to fit pants to my ridiculously long legs. I had great ideas but the end products did not always fit the vision. I once made a suit of blue stripes on white cotton (probably mattress ticking, in hindsight) that I thought would be a fun twist on the navy pinstripe. I ended up with a perfectly fitted suit that looked like prison stripes when I wore it. :D

    1. What a great story!!! But, you are not alone, I've had a few "ideas" that was less than what I envisioned 😊

  2. Thank you for all the beautiful inspiration. I have to wear a suit for work and there is only so much joy you can bring to it with a scarf of a colourful blouse. Some of these patterned suits are amazing. The Cavalli one is my absolute favourite. Definitely a yes on the harlequin trousers. They are very chic. Xx

    1. What I wish I could find is a harlequin printed leather for those pants!

  3. OOOH...such eye candy this post is! I am feeling inspired for the suit this fall! And...probably colourful ones too!

  4. I love me a great pant suit - I wear suits five days a week for the most part - skirt/dress suits in the summer and pant suits in the winter. Great inspiration - now to do some fabric shopping and pattern hacking! I do have one question for you Rhonda - do you find yourself checking out the fit on women's pants when you see them walking down the street? Hope all is well.

    1. I can't help but notice fit, but since I know most are buying ready to wear, I'm very understanding, except when it comes to a pair of suit pants that are dragging the ground. Drives me nuts!

  5. That Robert Cavalli reminds me of the "Nudie" suits from the flash country western performers. Nudie was the fella who put Johnny Cash in black, Elvis in a gold lame' jacket and Porter Waggoner in wagon wheels along with almost every other country western star and a few rock and roll demigods from the 50s through the 80s.
    Theresa in Tucson

    1. Fun 😊 When I initially saw the suit, I loved it and my first thought was well, it must be the cowgirl in me.

  6. I love the traditional with a twist. The suit with the lace tee--wow!

  7. I am in love!!! The plaid peplum top is my favorite. Wow! Classy with a twist. Love Love love!

  8. Nice inspirational post. I saw at least three I'd love to have, starting with the first suit. Thanks!

  9. Great post! These are the kinds of pantsuits I can get into!! Thanks for inspiring me.