Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Wednesday Showcase

Before I head out to my garden, I thought I would do a Wednesday Showcase post. I always enjoy doing the posts, but I think I'm also procrastinating a bit, as I really need to get back to my garden and finish the project I started yesterday. I've been a sweaty and dirty mess for days and I'm longing for a break. That will come tomorrow and Friday as it's supposed especially hot, so a little break is in order.

First up is Sue of Sue's Sew By Me. She lives in Australia and she began sewing as a teenager, when like so many of us who sew, she longed for the latest styles and sadly didn't have the funds to purchase them. While her children were growing up, sewing took a back seat, but now she is back with a vengeance!!!

She created this dress to wear to a wedding. Such a wonderful use of a border print, and so very elegant.

Sue enjoys wearing artful pieces and making the best use of the fabric.  Another great use of a border print with this rectangular top.

Love this Marcy Tilton top in the gauzy fabric. I may just have to break down and buy the pattern!

I absolutely love this dress. Sue liked the nod to the Mondrian look of the fabric print. I think I would be tempted to wear this dress everyday.

Sue enjoys using a number of the Tessuti patterns, so if you have had your eye on a few, be sure to check out her blog to see them made up. You can also find Sue on Instagram HERE.

Next up is Kyle from Vacuuming The Lawn. Many of you may know her from Pattern Review. She loves to sew, and she loves taking on a challenge.

Doesn't this look like one fun gal!!!

Look at how gorgeous this fabric is! 

What looks like a simple box jacket, is really a work of art.


And now you see that this is no typical striped fabric. 

After I saw the pictures below, I thought to myself that I may very well never knit again! She made this sweater from a blanket!!!

And finally, I just had to show you this amazing backpack. Check out the cute zipper pull.  Be sure to pop over to her blog and read all about it. You can also find Kyle on Instagram HERE.

Well, I've postponed the inevitable long enough. Time to say goodbye for the day and get back out in my garden. Pictures and a video tour will be coming soon. After all the work I've done, I need to show it to someone :)

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. I had that rayon 'Mondrian' fabric and made my sister a shirt out of it. I surely wish I had more of it; if anyone knows where more can be found, I would be a happy gal.

    1. I just did a post and asked for help finding the fabric. Fingers crossed that something will pop up :)

  2. Love your showcases. And those are some of my favorite bloggers!

  3. I love your Wed showcase . I've followed Kyle -Vacumming the Lawn for several years . She makes such fun projects . Also thanks for introducing a new to me blogger Sue . They both are so inspiring .

  4. Love the one shoulder evening style cocktail dress............may we know if it is self drafted or a commercial pattern we could purchase.
    Love your showcases Rhonda.

    I do have to say, I so enjoy your Saturday postings on sleeves etc................keep these lovely posts coming.

    Happy Weekend.

    1. Hi Marysia! Here's a link to the post that she did on the dress, https://suessewbynme.com/2016/04/12/a-dress-for-a-wedding/
      She said that it was a downloaded PDF that she found on Craftsy, so you are in luck!!!
      I will be back with my sleeve posts. I've just had to take a little break. Hope you are enjoying your summer :)

  5. Oh my goodness Rhonda! I had no idea that I was featured on your blog last year!!! Thank you so much for the feature! I'm flattered and honored.