Friday, December 5, 2014

A Delightful Surprise

Just a quick post this morning. I want to give a shout out and a great big thank you to Tasia of Sewaholic Patterns as she featured my Robson Trench and the sew along on her blog yesterday. Thanks so much Tasia!!!!!
I was told that the Robson Trench Coat pattern is sold out in the Sew News shop, but you can always pop over to the Sewaholic shop and pick one up.
Now a little sneak peek at the fabric that I am using for my....third coat! I had to make one for the magazine and then another for the videos. Thankfully I really like the pattern and a friend does as well as she is the lucky recipient of my second coat. We don't live in the same city, so we won't look like twins!!!
There must be something about me, faces and this trench coat!!!! The fabric is actually a twill and the hair and faces are velvet. I think it will be rather fun! A little crazy, but fun ;)

One more thing before I go. This picture was posted on Facebook this morning.

Cute, and wouldn't it be perfect for a Christmas card sent to sewing friends?  I have tried to find the clip art with no luck. I would be happy to pay to use it. So if anyone knows the origination of the clip art, please let me know.

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  1. I like the fabric you are using. It's very fun!

  2. I am comletely in love with your fabric. You always find the best designs. Can't wait to see this made up. Xx

  3. Absolutely love your fabric for this coat. Any chance you know and can share where you got it?
    Wish I could do the sew-along, but Christmas time is not a good sewing time for me, as lawyers tend to take lots and lots of depositions in December, and I just work work work. But hope to make the coat in the future.

  4. Fabulous coat and fabric!

    I believe the Christmas illustration is from here: http://www.fabricfanatics.com/index.htm. I did an image search and found there was a notecard set with this graphic - but it was perhaps from last year since the link took me to the home page of a different quilting store. A little more sleuthing took me to the fabricfanatics site and the artwork sure looks the same.

    1. Oh Lori, you are the best!!!! Thanks so much for taking the time to look for this. YEA!!!!!

  5. Hi Rhonda, not sure if I missed this info elsewhere but I am also interested in the source for this fabulous fabric! Really enjoying reading about the coat construction! Julie

    1. I bought the fabric at a fabric store here in Chicago a few years ago. I guess I should have bought the entire bolt as I am sure there is no more to be had.