Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Pattern Fun!

The magic of a new day. I have been getting strange headaches for a little over the last 10 years. No matter what I do, they last for 48 hours. While still miserable, they are a little better. Last year I saw a therapist who specializes in people who have had the kind of head trauma that I've had, and it has made a difference. Sadly, with Covid, I haven't been able to see her. But, like I said, the good news is that while the headaches still last for 48 hours, they are easier to deal with. So yes, I am very grateful for a new day :) 


While inspiration posts are great, if one is unsure about how to lift that idea off the page, well, it's not worth much.

I came across this pattern from the Peek-A-Boo Pattern Shop. Quite similar to the sweatshirt I posted yesterday. The inspiration sweatshirt is much more oversized, but not everyone wants an oversized top. You can find the Pemberley Pullover pattern HERE   

Paula sent a lovely idea for recreating the top that I loved so much from yesterday's post. She recommended the Belgravia Knit Dress from Oliver and S. While the pattern is a dress, it can most definitely be shortened into a top. If you would like, you could fill in the neckline and and add a turtleneck.

I have not bought a new paper pattern in I don't know when. Well, now that I think about it, I did purchase the Wilder Gown from Friday Pattern Company. Although, I haven't made it up as of yet :/ 

Vogue recently had a sale on their patterns, and I bought a few that I am excited about.

I bought Vogue 1722 for the sleeves. I thought that the lower portion of the sleeve would just be a big rectangle, and it is. I actually want to use the sleeve pattern with Vogue 9237. 

I've made 2 dresses from this pattern, and I just love it. So I thought that for winter, this sleeve would be quite fun. 

I love the side panels in this Tom and Linda Platt dress. I plan to add sleeves so it will be more comfortable to wear during the colder months. 
Finally, the 2 Marcy Tilton patterns. Both are great for more relaxed wear. 

The pattern on the right is all about having fun with mixing prints. I love the one on the left for the draped aspect of the dress, and I especially love the little jacket that comes with the pattern. So, some fun things coming up :)

If by chance you have made either of the Marcy Tilton patterns, I would love to hear your thoughts/tips about the patterns. 

Have a wonderful day, and wherever you may be, I hope the sun is shining :)


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  1. So sorry to hear about the headaches. I hope that you'll be able to see the therapist again soon.
    I have sewn Vogue 8975 - it was six years ago, and I blogged it here https://thornberry.wordpress.com/2014/06/10/vogue-8975-jaywalking/ I am still wearing that dress, and am about to sew the pattern again. There's lots to love about it.

    1. Great to hear! I'm looking forward to my first :)

  2. I hope the headaches settle. Sometimes acceptance of "what is" is the only thing one can do. I suffer a pain syndrome, so I have to follow my own advice here!

    1. It all came about because of the tumor I had in my jaw. Like you, I am learning to accept that it may just be my body's way of telling me that it wants a break.

  3. That Tom & Linda Platt dress would be snuggly in a light-weight wool jersey. When you sit down, there is plenty of fabric to wrap around your legs. You could sew pockets to the inside of the long points to stick your toes into but you'd have to keep your knees bent.

    1. I actually like the idea of sewing some pockets into the hems of the T&LP dress. Might be a nice little touch when I have cold feet and can take my shoes off ;)

  4. Rhonda, I have made the Tilton 9108 dress and love it. However, it took quite a bit of mods to get it to work. This pattern has lots of idiosyncrasies that you may question, such as a back hem shorter than the front that exposes the back of a woman's knees while the front of dress is midi length. There are many more small bits like this that I changed and was glad I did, bodice straps way wider than the epaulets, and that not dealt with, etc. Lots. However, all is overcome and can give you a great dress. Biggest issue is the weight and volume of the skirt. I would recommend you read my blogpost on this before you start for a good heads up before cutting and sewing. It's a bit of an eye opener but it is a great little garment and worth the effort. I find with the various mods it is really simple to sew. You just need to be aware of all is uniquities. Here's a link: https://lasewist.blogspot.com/2016/12/vogue-9108-marcy-tilton-apron-dress.html

  5. Just want to, as a fellow headacher, that I hope you can possibly do some televisits with your therapist if that is an option. I hope you can glean some more relief. There such a stew that contributes to a lifetime of headaches. This I know and you have my sympathies. I admire your powering thru, not easy for sure.