Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Christmas Tradition/Christmas Creatures

For about the last 10 years...I really haven't kept count of the years, I have been making my husband what I call Christmas Creatures. They are quirky little creatures made from seeds, and seed pods. In the fall I begin looking for whatever has fallen from the trees, and dried up seed pods on plants and bushes. I keep a large bowl on my kitchen counter, and when I return from my walk, whatever I've gathered goes in the bowl. Then, usually on Christmas Eve, nothing like waiting until the last minute, I take all that I've gathered, and begin playing. What amazes me is that each and every year, a new creature comes to life. Below is a number of the creatures that I've made. They are all made out of the same things, and yet, they are all unique.

Meet the newest addition to the group :)

He's a happy little guy with 1 ski up in the air, his wings furling in the wind.

The little seed pods that I used for his tail were found on a tree that I had never noticed before.

Last year, I found a cabinet to house all of the little creatures. Last year's creature is quite large, so he sits on top of the cabinet.

I've been approached about making the creatures for art galleries. Quite the compliment, but not something I want to do. They seem all the more special being one of a kind :) 

Making the little creatures was something I never realized I had in me. Truly little creatures created from my heart. 

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