Sunday, August 18, 2019

Pants...Getting To The Bottom Line

Best laid plans...
Four weeks ago, while at an agility class with Mr. Berkley, I somehow managed to catch my shoe on the rubber tile, and I went flying, landing with all of my weight coming down on my left knee. The trainer ran over and asked if I was okay. The impact was so powerful that I actually felt like throwing up. All I could manage to say was that I needed to take a break. (Silver Lining...I didn't re-injure my wrist!) But, me being me, I sucked it up and stayed through the rest of the class. By the time I made it home, my knee was the size of a large softball. I iced it, and sent my husband to the pharmacy for Arnica cream. It took about a week for the swelling to begin subsiding, but there was a big sack of fluid on my knee. Finally, the fluid began to disappear, but last Friday morning while making the bed, I once again managed to trip and fall, landing on my left knee. I now have an appointment to see an orthopedic doctor. I'm walking on the knee, and it doesn't hurt to walk, but it's extremely painful to touch, and going up and down stairs has been a great challenge. So, with all of that, I am a few days late with my next pant post.

The theme of our second week of our pant posts is all about the bottom line, literally...our bottoms :/ Not something that most of us want to talk about. 

Becky of Trail Balloons, my fellow challenger has a flat bottom. She absolutely loves the Flat Bottom Flos from Style Arc. While those of us who have a round bottom...like me, we tend to think that those with a flat bottom have it made. But it does pose fitting issues that are just as dire to the flat bottom girls as the round bottom girls. Becky has done a very detailed post on fitting a flat bottom in THIS post. 

My favorite pattern for my round bottom is the Barb Pant from Style Arc Patterns. And to make it all the sweeter, you can get the pattern for FREE just for signing up to receive the Style Arc newsletter. HERE'S the link!

The pattern photo for the Barb Pant looks like it was drafted for a thin and rather flat bottom. But, that is not the case.

Here's what the pattern actually looks like;

The front is on the left, and the back on the right. Look closely at the front. The crotch curve is minimal. The back has a very deep curve, and looks to be raised at the center back line, as it is. So, with the Barb Pant, the full bottom adjustment is built into the pattern. Score!!! At least score for us full bottomed girls ;)

Another aspect that I love about the Barb Pant is that it was designed for a stretch woven. With a stretch woven, you will get a much more fitted pant, and especially for a pull-on pant, that's really nice.  

Now of course, the pattern has been designed for the middle of the road full bottomed girl. Some of us have rounder bottoms, and some not so round. I really love the tutorial that was done by Colette Patterns. You can find it HERE. The tutorial walks you through a full bottom adjustment as well as adjusting for a flat bottom. A great tutorial to keep on hand.

I have made quite a few pairs of the Barb Pant. I will be back tomorrow, Monday with a fashion show of Barb Pants.

If you haven't downloaded the free pattern,be sure to do so!
Happy pant sewing!!!

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  1. Crikey yoyr really having an accident prone few months. All the best for a speedy recovery

  2. I havent't made the Barb yet but I do have it downloaded. I don't have a round bottom nor a flat one. Thought I do think my rise is maybe short/or I tilt as the back of pants seem to be higher at the back than the front. I have recently made the Airlie Style Arc pants and they fit really well. Will check the shape of these with the Barb. Challenge this week is to make up the Barb too :)

  3. Oh, so caught up in the pants forgot to say I'm sorry to hear about your knee. Hope it is all good in no time.

  4. Bless your heart!! Two falls and poor knee. Hope the doc gets you all fixed up to good as new!

  5. Rhonda, please take care. I had both hips replaced some years ago and have had to recognize the fragility that comes with age. I am very careful now when walking the dog, when going down steps, etc. because I know one fall can render me immobile. And mobility is of prime importance to me as I face my 70s. It begins at your age, and you need to manage it well. Care and using slight hesitation before all things physical in order to avoid injury, it's so important now.

  6. I'm sorry to hear about your knee injury. My daughter-in-law has trouble with her knees which frequently leads to fluid build-up so I know it's very painful. Her orthopedist actually drains the fluid in his office, which is unpleasant but makes the knee feel better sooner.

    I'm a little worried about your injuries this year. Has anyone recommended you see a physical therapist for a fall risk evaluation? My sister, a very fit and athletic woman in her 60's, had several fall-related injuries this year, so her orthopedist recommended she have a fall-risk evaluation. She was astonished to find out she has a high fall risk! She's been doing physical therapy to reduce the risk (e.g. balance, core strengthening, proprioception) and she says it has really helped.

    I know, it's a terrible idea (and terribly rude) to give someone unsolicited medical advice. I hope you read this in the manner in which I've written - with love and concern. I would never try to diagnose or suggest treatment this way. It's just a suggestion that you might want to broach fall risk with your doctor.

    Feel better soon!

    1. I second Kay's suggestion, it sounds very good.

    2. Hi Kay and Julie, we are already on the same page :) I have been seeing a therapist who has been helping me with the pain I have in my neck that was a result of the reconstructive surgery that was done to my face after I had the tumor in my jaw. She has been a true godsend! She has gotten me to a point that she now feels I am ready for specific strength exercises, and core exercises that will help strengthen the muscles in my back. They will be doing a full assessment. So, you are not at all out of line :) I so appreciate your concern.

  7. Hope your knee improves, Rhonda. Thanks for the tip on the Style Arc "Barb" pant. I was all ready to give away some black stretch poly bottom weight fabric (I don't usually do stretch) when I read your post. I down-loaded the free pattern several moons ago so my stretch poly will be used to make up a trial garment to see how I like it.
    Theresa in Tucson

  8. Ouch! Hope your knee improves quickly as they can be so uncomfortable to live with.
    I've made that Style Arc Barb trouser pattern and love it! I haven't got a particularly round bottom but it's fine for me.(The pattern and the bottom 😂)

  9. Aaargh, I made Barb and quite possibly should have made Flo! Took a massive amo7nt out of the crotch length. This was some years ago and the flat bottom is now flatter! But what a walk down memory lane, our furry friend is now 3yo and quite grey!