Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Getting To The Bottom Line...The Barb Pant

I am now claiming that nothing else will go wrong! I spent yesterday morning in emergency care due to an infected thumb. How it happened, I have no idea. They asked me if I had had a manicure lately. Not for a few weeks. At this point, the why really doesn't matter, the thumb has been lanced, and I am on antibiotics. But, adding to the whole knee, thumb extravaganza, I leaned over to kiss my husband goodnight. Just at that moment, he grabbed the blanket to pull it up over him and popped me in the mouth. Of course he didn't mean to, but I went to sleep with a fat lip. Oh well ;)

In my last post,I talked about the Barb Pant from Style Arc Patterns. I really love the pattern. It's a great casual, slip-on pant. Especially great for everyday wear.

The pant was drafted for a full bottomed girl...like me :) I included the picture below to show just how much higher the back is from the front. I love it as there is no issue with feeling like the back will slip down when I sit.

Although the pant does fit well over my bottom, there are a few fitting issues. The front has a very sleek, nice fit. While the pant fits well over the bottom, I do have some drag lines below the bottom.  

Of course, different fabrics are going to fit a little differently. The pants below were made from the same fabric that I used for my first pair of cargo pants. I had just enough left for a pair of Barb Pants, so I felt that I might as well use up the fabric. 

Again, a sleek, nice fit from the front. I moved my leg during this shot, but I went ahead and used the picture. The back pant leg creases under my bottom. 

With a very fitted pant, you will lose some of the fit in order to have the pant hug the leg. With that said, I may not make any alterations on the pant. If it were a pair of slacks, I would most definitely want to alter the pant leg so that it would hang straight from the bottom and down the back of the leg. I see it as a little like dealing with your children, or your husband, sometimes you just have to pick which fights are worth the effort ;) For me, the fight that was won with the Barb Pant is that it fits so comfortably over the bottom, and stays in place when I sit.

If by chance you missed it, you can find the link to download the Barb Pant for free HERE

In case you haven't heard, StyleArc is having a great sale on all of their PDF top patterns, 25% off. Just use the promo code,


At check out. The sale runs through August 23, 2019.

Happy Sewing!

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  1. Thank you for the link to the free pattern! I’ve been looking for a good pants pattern.

    Sorry about your thumb. I had an infection in mine last year and it is painful! I wish they would have landed mine to reduce the pressure. I didn’t have a good explanation for mine either. Weird.

    1. I hope the Barb Pant pattern works for you. It has become my go to pattern for stretch wovens.
      So sorry to hear about your thumb infection. It is horribly painful! Thankfully, mine has healed beautifully.

  2. Thank you for posting the link to the free pattern again!
    I am petite but have wider hips and a small waist, it is very hard to find pants that fit, but I am very hopeful these will do the trick!

    1. I hope the pattern works out for you. You will most likely need to make an adjustment on the length of the leg. It's even about an inch too long on me. Good Luck! Nothing better than getting a pant that you enjoy making and wearing!!!