Sunday, July 29, 2018

I Need A Break From Cable!

When I was a child, there was always one night during the week that I looked forward to watching television. Living out in the country, we had 3 stations to choose from, and there was usually something interesting, except when the president decided to give a speech. Inevitably, he would be on ALL 3 channels!!! Couldn't they spare us just one?!! Those glorious days of finding something interesting to watch, at least for me, are sadly over. A few nights ago, I sat down, scrolled though over 100 channels, looked at my husband and said, "all these channels and there is nothing worth watching." One show that I do enjoy is Alone. It's a contest where 10 people are placed out in the middle of no where, and must build a shelter, hunt for their food, and they are not allowed to have a gun :/ The person who lasts out in the wilderness the longest wins some amount of money. My husband finds it interesting that I enjoy the program as I do not like to be dirty, and I don't like to camp. I had too many nights in a tent sleeping on a rock when I was a child. It seemed that wherever we camped, that same rock was always there waiting for me ;) 

A you have probably figured out by now, this post is not about watching too much television :)

Back in February, Purl Soho showcased the shawl below as a free pattern. I thought it was especially pretty, so I ordered the yarn. I thought it would be nice as a combo shawl/scarf.

Here's my almost finished piece. I began working on it in March. All those little cables, and always the same. I'm about to go cross eyed!!! Actually, I'm bored. But, I am almost there, about 60 more rows and I should be crossing the finish line. As I knit, I keep trying to tell myself that I am really going to enjoy this piece once it's finished. And I will :) If by chance you are interested, HERE'S a link to the free pattern.

I can have the attention span of a gnat at times, and that's how I get myself in trouble. Rather than just start one project and stick with it, I usually have a number of pieces going at one time. All I have to do is sew up this little summer sweater and I can enjoy it.

It has 2 lovely cables that run across the top. I knitted it with a strand of linen yarn and cotton yarn. It was from a Vogue Knitting Magazine pattern. Jean Kaori is the designer. HERE'S a link to the pattern on Ravelry.

One week ago yesterday, Mr. Berkley came home with us. He has been nothing but an absolute joy. I think he has completely forgotten his past life. He even likes to curl up in my knitting :)

My goal is to finish both of these projects this week. Can't wait!!!

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  1. Rhonda, you are not alone, my attention span is almost non-resistant. My main issue is getting started,I just dither from one idea to another until I run out of energy. Love your helper!

    1. Ahhh, I think you get more accomplished than you are giving yourself credit for 😊
      My Gracie is always near by, but little Berkley loves sitting right next to me. Such fun!!!

  2. I always have more then one gig going. At least I finish most of them, unlike my neighbor who never completes anything. I need a dog buddy though.

    1. You may have a bunch going on, but you accomplish a lot too! As for a new dog buddy, they can take LOTS of your time. But, it’s all worth it 😊

  3. Your shawl will be a pretty addition to your wardrobe. I’m so glad Berkley has made himself at home.