Wednesday, July 11, 2018

A Challenge With Prizes!

In 2013, 5 years ago, amazing!, I took on a challenge. I had auditioned for a contest that Sew News sponsored for their Sew It All television show. The finalist had to go to the Puyallup Sewing Expo for the audition. While I was there, I was introduced to the Mary Bridge Children's Hospital and the drive that they had for pillowcases. Each child who is admitted receives a pillowcase. Maybe they should really be called comfort cases :)

As I flew home from the expo, I thought about the cases and how many I felt I could do. The number that came to mind was 900. Now, I knew that I couldn't do 900 on my own, so I decided to put it out to all who drop by the blog. The response was amazing, 1000 pillowcases were donated to the project!

During the course of the project, I documented the first 100, then 450, and finally the final hang of 1000 pillowcases which you see below.

The video below documents the first 100. If you would like to take a look at the other videos I did, you can see them HERE.

This is not just a trip down memory lane, but an opportunity. Olfa is sponsoring a summer challenge, pillowcases for the American Patchwork & Quilting 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge...


The challenge is to create as many pillowcases as you would like. Each pillowcase will be donated to either the Ronald McDonald House, or Ryan's Case For Smiles. 

The pillowcases must be made from 100% cotton, and you must use the guidelines posted HERE.

Nine winners will be chosen randomly. The grand prize winner will be the one who submits the most pillowcases. Crank up those sewing machines!!!

All entries must be postmarked by August 31, 2018 to be entered in the drawing. You can find all of the information HERE on the Olfa blog.

What a fun and lovely way to use up some of your cotton scraps :)

Good Luck!
I hope you win!!! But then, we always win when we reach out to others.

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  1. Yes, Rhonda, how well I remember this project you had years ago. It inspired me when we lived in Manila to create a project of my own: The Pillowcase Project for National Children’s Hospital there, a charity hospital that dates back to the Second World War. Hundreds of pillowcases were mailed to me from all over the globe for Christmas gifts to the children. I was still blogging then, but your blog helped me get the word out. I was and still am so grateful.

    Now I am interested in SAGA, a guild that makes tiny burial sets for prematurely-born babies who have passed away. The tiniest scraps can be turned into thoughtful blessings for a grieving parent.

    You always share ways we can be a blessing to our communities, Rhonda. I love that about you, dear.


    1. Hi Kelley. I have quite a bit of lace and silks from when I had my wedding gown business. I would love to donate the fabrics and laces to such a worthy cause. When you have a chance, please email me with more info. I tried to look up SAGA, but I couldn’t find any information.

  2. SAGA is Smocking Arts Guild of America. The program for the tiny gowns is called the Wee Care program. Other organizations have similar and there is Threads of Love which also does this ministry. SAGE has this incredible Wee Care program but also so much more. It is the gold standard for classes in heirloom sewing, smocking and so much more. Conventions are also held each year. Here is a link for everyone to learn about this wonderful organization of sewists. http://www.smocking.org/weecare_program.php