Wednesday, January 10, 2018

The Wednesday Showcase

A few nights ago, I watched a fascinating documentary on the Public Broadcasting network entitled, "Unrest." It's the story of filmmaker Jennifer Brea's struggle with chronic fatigue syndrome. For quite some time, she had been told that there was nothing wrong. She went online and found that there are many all over the world who struggle as she does. It was shocking to see how some have been treated in other countries. Many think that it is all in the patient's mind, and so should be treated for mental illness. 

Jennifer shows what her life was like prior to chronic fatigue, and then documents her life now, as well as the life of so many around the world. For her, it all began when she had a very high temperature, over 104 degrees. From that moment on, her life has never been the same. 

As I watched, I thought about the word tomorrow. We put too many things off until tomorrow, a day that does not exist. I highly recommend the documentary. It's streaming now on the PBS Independent Lens site, but only until January 23, 2018. You can find it HERE

I had intended to continue with the Wednesday Showcase 2017 roundup today, but I thought that you might be interested in something a little different. 

You may remember that I gave away 3 little sewing caddies during my birthday week. All 3 ladies have written and told me how much they appreciate their new little toys :) Joy of Joyful Expressions sent a picture of her sewing caddy already in use. You can see her lovely studio in the background. She said that she has ordered a pack of 12 plastic frames and will be making them for all of her sewing friends. Lucky friends!!!

If by chance you haven't checked out Joy's blog, be sure to pop over. She does lots of videos, and she always has a story to tell. 

If by chance you missed the tutorial on how to make the sewing caddy, you can find it HERE along with a video. 

During the Christmas holidays, I was out doing a little shopping. I stopped at a light, looked over, and to my surprise, I saw a sewing studio that I didn't even know existed.  

The studio offers classes for adults and children. They also offer parties for adults and children. The picture below if from a birthday party. What fun!

If you are in the Chicago area and looking for a fun place to meet up with some friends and do a little sewing, take a class, or participate in a little crafting, be sure to check out Sew Crafty Studio. They are located on the corner of Clybourn and Ashland in Chicago.  

Maybe a month ago or so, I came across this picture on Facebook. Pretty eye catching!!!

Intrigued, I decided to do a google search. Sew Houston is owned by Yolanda, a previous middle school English teacher. She has had a passion for sewing since she was a child, and always dreamed of having a sewing business. 

At Sew, she offers classes for adults and children, as well as parties. Her motto is, "Creativity never goes out of style." 

Sew Houston is located on the northwest side of town, just off of Hwy. 290. 

I never thought I would see the day that sewing studios would start popping up. Remember though, to keep them in business, we need to get the word out, and use their facilities. 

If you know of other sewing studios in any part of the world, I would love to showcase them. Many of you may be just like me and have no idea that something exists right in your own city. Just leave a message below.  

I thought I would leave you with this today;


A mystical land where 99% of all human productivity, motivation, and achievement is stored. 

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  1. Hello Stitch Studio is a fairly new one in Berkeley, CA. Beth, from Sunny Gal blog teaches there.

  2. Check out Sew-op in Wickford, RI. Classes for children and adults.

    1. I just checked it out! Thanks for the info 😊

  3. Tomorrow is indeed mystical and it is so very important to forget that. Living in the moment is a part of that too - they all balance don't they?

    Happy belated new year to you Rhonda - may 2018 bring you magic as often as possible.