Thursday, October 12, 2017

Fabulous Finds

Happy Thursday!
I'm back home after an absolutely delightful time in Kalamazoo, MI. I taught a bag workshop and everyone did such an amazing job! I'll share pictures in just a few days. The color combinations were incredible and each bag was so very unique. I think you'll enjoy seeing them :)

One of the things that I enjoy the most about traveling is having the opportunity to shop for fabric. I'll never forget a trip to Innsbruck, Austria. We made the trip to attend the wedding of a former exchange student from Germany who was getting married in a small village in Austria. Three of our former students live in Italy and thought it would be fun for us to meet up in Innsbruck. One evening while walking through the city, we came upon a fabric store. Without hesitation, one of our students began to laugh and said, "I know where Rhonda will be in the morning!" I purchased 2 fabulous pieces of fabric. This was by far my favorite, a Van Gogh inspired fabric.

I have worn the dress many times, dances and opening night of the opera here in Chicago.

While I was in Fredricksburg, VA for the sewing expo, I made my way around the vendors and came upon Sew Batik who had a delightful array of, of course, batik fabrics. I have been wanting some border prints and I found 2 that I really liked.

Below is a piece called Durum Dreams. It comes in a number of colorways. I chose a navy blue and white print. Click HERE to see a beautiful Amy Butler pattern made up in the fabric. 

This piece is entitled, Hyde Park. It also comes in a number of color choices which you can see HERE. They are all on sale, so now would be a good time to purchase if you are interested. I really like the quality of the fabric. I plan on making a pair of pants and playing with the border.  

I was so, so good while I was in Fredricksburg as the 2 pieces above were all that I bought.

Our class in Kalamazoo was held at a delightful fabric store, Fabrications in Richland, MI. They have the most amazing classroom. So spacious and well appointed. 

I was so pleasantly surprised to see the fine fabrics that they carry, especially the washable Merino wools. I purchased 3 pieces. 
The first 2 pictured below are a lightweight jersey.

This is also a washable Merino wool, but a heavier weight Ponte knit. I purchased quite a bit as I would like to make up a pantsuit of sorts using the Sandra Betzina pant pattern, Vogue 1411 and combine it with a raglan sleeve turtle neck top. I think it will be quite nice for traveling.    

Today is a rest day for me. I'm off for a much needed pedicure and then home to enjoy a little time in my studio. Who knows, maybe I'll have my batik pieces made up to show you tomorrow...maybe :)

Have a wonderful day! 

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  1. Beautiful fabrics. Can't wait to see what creations you come up with.

  2. Nice purchases! And lucky you that you have a lifestyle to wear such lovely dresses :)

  3. What lovely fabrics! I have often thought to stop at the fabric store in Richland on my way to Chicago, but somehow never have. Perhaps I just need to make a special trip!

    1. They don't have a huge selection of fabric, but their wools are worth the trip 😊

  4. I purchased the Hyde Park fabric at the ASG National Convention when it was in Virginia several years ago. I made a border print dress and receive lots of compliments! Looks like we both have good taste.

    I love the navy and white Durum Dreams. Looking forward to seeing what you create with that also.

    1. Oh, great minds always think alike 😉 Although, yours is probably far greater than mine! Thanks Marie 😊

  5. Thanks for sharing and welcome back home! Your gown is absolutely beautiful. And who came pass by a fabric store without going in, ;-)