Monday, May 30, 2016

Monday Morning Inspiration/T-Shirt Tango Part 2

Now that summer is officially here, at least in the northern hemisphere, I think that most of us begin to think about cool, comfortable clothing. So last week, for our Monday Morning Inspiration post, I shared a number of t-shirt ideas that I've collected and gave you the opportunity to share some of your work. I had hoped for a number of entries and lots of ideas, but only 3 shared their work. But the 3 who did shared some great ideas.

First up, from Pauline is a Rachel Roy knockoff that she did. Love the combination of the lace and print. 

From Amy is her Boho t-shirt refashion. The addition of the prints really takes a t-shirt from boring to fabulous.

Ernie K Designs also shared a top that she made. Sadly, I couldn't copy the picture from Instagram, but you can see it HERE.

So many of you liked the addition of the lace on the piece below. 

I like the idea of doing a cut out design and adding the lace to the shoulders and sleeves.

This is a great idea for making a basic cami extra special.

For other t-shirt ideas, I really like the addition of the fabric insets in the examples below.

The bow could be tied a little neater, but what a fun idea.

Here are a couple more embellishment ideas that will make a simple tank really pop.

It looks like a vintage tablecloth was added to the hem of this tank. Really cute.

I came across this top and it reminded me of a top that I did for Sleeves on Saturdays. I like the strips that are pieced together to form the sleeves.

Below is the top that I made. The sleeves were crocheted to the bodice. You can see the post HERE.

Do you have a concert tee, or a tee from a vacation that shrunk, but you just can't part with it? Add an inset, and extend the length with coordinating and contrasting fabrics.

Here's a vacation t-shirt that I purchased and couldn't bear to part with. I turned it into a skirt! You can see the post HERE.

The nice thing about all of these ideas is that they are fairly quick and easy to execute. So before you thrown on that boring basic tee again, have a little fun and make it tango!

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  1. Super cute inspirations. I love especially the first one! Thank you for the inspiration! :)

  2. I want you to know how much I enjoy your blog posts. You inspire me to sew more clothes. I'm a quilter moving to clothing construction.

    1. Thank you Lydia :) Such a lovely compliment!

  3. Wat fabulous t-shirts and I still love the inspiration top. You skirt refashion is lovely, really unique and fun. Xx

  4. So gorgeous!! I absolutely love, love, love the attached sleeves by crochet! Thank you for sharing these inspirational projects.

  5. Love, love, love your skirt! I have several tops that need to be brought back to life after some refashioning.

  6. Plenty to love here, especially the black top with white lace and organza.

  7. So much inspiration... I need to get cracking on the actual sewing part!

  8. Brilliant ideas, Rhonda! I am duly inspired!

  9. So WHERE is the picture of YOU WEARING the pretty crocheted top? I saw your wrist, but that is all.

  10. Sorry to say but you are breaking copyright law when using photos and art that belong to someone else. At the very least - give credit to the artists!

    1. Thanks for your comment. If you look at the post, most have been given credit along with links to their blogs. I always try and find the owner if possible. If by chance something belongs to you, I am more than happy to give credit. Thanks again.