Thursday, November 1, 2012

Jenny's Jacket

Last week I had the jacket basted together and put it on for my initial fitting. Once I had it together, I decided that I wanted a little more support in my front panels than the cotton batiste gave me. I want the front panels to maintain a softness, so I decided to interface the front panels with silk organza. If you would like to review the previous posts on Jenny's Jacket, click here.
I found this beautiful piece of silk organza. Too bad no one, other than you, will ever see it. It was the same price as the neutral colors, so I decided, why not?
 The organza was cut and hand basted to both front panels.
The color is so pretty. It was a joy to work with it. As you can see in the above picture, I sewed in my pleats, not all the way across as we want the pleats to flair open along the front. My pleats were sewn down approximately 3 1/2".
 Once the fitting changes were made and the front panels were sewn in, I tried it on once more to check the fit. As you can see, a bit more tweaking was needed. I pinched it is along the side seams and did a little more shaping on the princess line seam.

The fit in the back is good.
I was trying to get a decent picture. It's hard to twist and take a picture!!
All of my changes have been made. I'm ready to trim my seams where the alterations were made. I'll transfer those changes to my pattern and then cut my lining.

The back lays beautifully, it's just hard to twist to take the picture and keep the jacket from twisting as well!
I was able to make a trip to my favorite, well one of my favorite fabric stores, High Fashion Fabrics in Houston, Texas. I found the organza there as well as this beautiful piece of silk to line the jacket. If only you could feel the fabric and see it in person as it is such an incredible piece of fabric. I bought enough to do a little top to wear underneath as well.
I had said that I would show you how to do the back neck facing this week. I'm saving that for next week as I want to think a bit about my closure before I attach the facings. At this point I plan to cover snaps, but I'm just not sure. I'm also thinking about the possibility of pockets.
I will be cutting bias pieces of the organza and sewing it to the bottom of the  jacket in order to give the hem some stability.
Next week, the lining will be cut and sewn together, the bias strips sewn to the hems, the facings will be ready to go and I will have made my decision about the closure as well as pockets.
I'm in the final stretch. Can't wait to have it finished!!

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  1. This is looking brilliant - just love the colour! It will be a stunning jacket when finished...

  2. Oh, that is a gorgeous color. And it looks like the fit will be great!

  3. I agree. This is a gorgeous colour and it's really fitting nicely on you. Keep at it!

  4. Loving this jacket, but I'm still confused, I thought the pleats were on the wrong side before, and still on the same side this post, or have I missed something?

    1. I'm with you in feeling confused. When I did the post last week and took a look at the photos of the fitting, it looked to me that the pleats were on the wrong side. But when I looked at the jacket in person, the pleats were on the right side, not the left as they appeared in the picture. If you look at the front panel lying flat on my ironing board, you can see that it is a right side piece, but once the jacket was on my body and a picture was taken, it appears to be on the left side. I can assure you that the pleats are on the correct side, but for some reason, they appear to be on the wrong side on the picture.

    2. I am so in love with what you are doing with this Jenny's (me) jacket. I am finally back in Ohio and will cut out my jacket this week. And how fun to find silk organza in a color. I am lucky to find it in black and white and when I do, I buy yards of both. Sure do enjoy your website. Thanks.

    3. Loving the jacket. I am finally back in Ohio and will cut out my Jenny's (that's me!!!) jacket tdhis week. And so thoroughly enjoy your site. I can hardly wait to log in each day.

    4. So happy that you like what I've done. I may change it up a bit now with pockets and I've thought about adding buttonholes between the pleats. I have a little time to think;)

  5. I have my jacket cut out and the organza basted in. I notice that your sleeve has a seam all the way down the side, and when I drafted my sleeve from your instructions, I only made a shoulder dart, not a long seam. Did I do that incorrectly?

    And please don't think I am a major copycat. When I was going through my fabric stash I found a beautiful piece of wool crepe in a deep pink. I chose to use it for this jacket, and only after I did that, did I see that your jacket is pretty close to the same color.
    Well, maybe "great minds think in the same direction"

    1. A raglan sleeve can have just the dart in the shoulder or the seam all the way down the sleeve. Either way is fine. I like the seam to go down the sleeve as I think it gives a smoother finish to the sleeve.
      What fun on the color. If I can somehow squeeze in a trip to Ohio, we will have to get a picture of the two of us together in our Jenny Suits!!!!!