Tuesday, October 11, 2011

More On My Table

Last week I shared the fabric that I bought at High Fashion Fabrics to go with the Botticelli fabric. I also bought the piece in the above picture. Isn't is wonderful? The ribbon is black velvet on one side and teal blue on the other. It's sewn on a sheer black stretch knit.
I bought it to go with some wonderful wools that I bought from Virginia at Gayfeather Fabrics in Madison, WI.

I'm not sure what I'll do with the fabric, but it's one of four outfits that I am determined to finish and wear this winter.

Remember this skirt that I showed you last week?

Well, I found another and it looks to have a metal quality to it, but that would seem to be rather uncomfortable. I did find out the price, it's $5,500.00. Wow, a bargain!!! I am going to have to get to a Louis Vuitton boutique and take a look at this skirt. I know there has to be a way to copy it.

And finally, just for fun. I absolutely love this ad from Ferragamo. Maybe I'm crazy, but I love the matchy, matchy outfit.

The shoes are so wonderful. Ferragamo must be doing the check or herringbone on the soles of their shoes this season. I'll have to check this out as well. I just thought of something, is going in a store to "just look" like going to "just take a look" at a puppy? I think I will have to use a little more restraint, that is if I want to return home!!!!

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  1. Amazing. I love the fabric that you purchased.

  2. Your fabric is beautiful! Grey is so chic

  3. Ooooh! Is the ridged fabric boiled wool? I have a wrap made from something very similar and it is so luscious! All your fabric choices are marvellous.