Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Morning Inspiration

A few weeks ago when I was feeling a bit bummed about my blog, a friend of mine passed this book on to me. If you are thinking of selling your crafts, this is a fantastic book, easy to read, very well laid out and lots of great information.
The book is written by Kari Chapin and illustrated by Emily Martin and Jen Skelly. The images are delightful and give the book such a fun feeling.

The author has a group of people that she calls her "Creative Collective." Throughout the book they give their opinions on the various topics of the book.
The book is laid out in three parts,
Part 1: Getting To Know Yourself and Your Business
Part 2: Spreading The Word- and Images
Part 3: Getting Down To Selling
After I read the book, I went to an art fair while I was in Galveston. Wow, I went through with very different eyes than I would have had I not read the book. And I made lots of mistakes. One thing she says is to ALWAYS have your business cards with you. I didn't and I ended up regretting it.

That day, I wore the vest I shared on this Fabulous Free Pattern Friday. So many came up to me and commented on the vest and said how much they liked it. I also wore the necklace that you see in the above picture(I shared this necklace in a previous post). Many also commented on the necklace. When I said that I had made it, the next question was, "Where is your booth?" So, I had no cards and no booth. Oh well. Next time...I hope.
As I walked through the show, there was so much that I saw because I had read the book. A wonderful learning tool. So if you would like to sell your items, I highly recommend this book. You can order it through Amazon here
By the way, if you are within driving distance of Galveston, TX in October, I highly recommend their art show. It's called Artober Fest. It isn't huge, but I always enjoy it. I've been to the much larger art show in Houston, I believe it's called Bayou City Art Festival. It is much larger, but I liked the show in Galveston so much more. I did find some wonderful items. I'll share them in another post. I need to run as I am off to take a painting of mine to the installation of an art show that I have been invited to be a part of. I'll write another post this afternoon.  
Have a wonderful start to your week!

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