Monday, June 17, 2019

Monday Morning Inspiration/Silver Screen to Mainstream

After so many months of not blogging as I would like, it has been difficult for me to get back in the groove :( Great intentions, but... 
Let's see what this week holds, fingers crossed :)

This past week I did something completely new for me, I took a weaving class! A few weeks ago, I taught 2 classes at the Michigan League of Handweavers Conference. I had a blast. I taught an all day class on seam finishes and stabilizing fabric. I also taught a class on working with rectangles to create lovely garments. Handweaving is something I've known about, but had not really been exposed to. The more I talked to the ladies, the more intrigued I became. The thought of being able to create my own fabric, wow!!!, the possibilities!!!

When I got home, I googled weaving guilds in the Chicago area and I was pleasantly surprised when the The Chicago Weaving School popped up. The school is only about 2 miles from my house. I knew it was there, but had completely forgotten about it. As I looked through the list of classes, I saw that there was a 2 hour introductory class. That sounded like a great way to get a taste, and decide if I would like to pursue it further. Last Wednesday evening I attended the class, and here's what I made!

I just love it! The woven portion is just a little over 24"long. Not long enough for a scarf, I could make it into a bag, but I have decided to just use it on my dining room table. That way I get to look at it everyday :)

So, guess what?!! I signed up for the 4 week class. The class meets once a week on Monday's from 10-2, so 4 hours. I can't wait to see what I do over the 4 week period!!! If that goes well, there is an 8 week class :/ 

This past week, I also went with a friend to the Chicago History Museum to see their current exhibit, Silver Screen to Mainstream: American Fashion in the 1930s and 40s. What a lovely exhibit! It's rather small, especially in comparison to the Dior exhibit. What I loved is that I really absorbed what I saw since it wasn't so overwhelming. The exhibit will be up until January 21, 2020, so if by chance you are going to be in Chicago over the holidays, by all means, see the exhibit! And by the way, the museum is free on Tuesdays!!!   

I always love sharing what I have enjoyed, so I thought I would share a few of the pieces that I especially found interesting.

I loved this gown! 

Such a lovely back. While I was viewing the exhibit, there was a group of ladies who were talking about prom dresses of today, and how the young women could take a little inspiration from these lovely pieces. My prom dress actually looked a lot like this this gown.

The belt is just amazing!

Another gorgeous piece.

The rhinestone pins at the neckline are just the perfect touch.

Such a simple and yet, intricate piece. 

So beautifully embroidered.

This gown made me think of the Dior gown that was designed for Nicole Kidman. I wonder if this is where the inspiration came from??? 

Simply elegant.

The cut and construction of this whimsical dress is beautiful.

And I loved how they copied the print with the pins on the belt!

Love the pleating on the sleeves.

There was a section of "house dresses." I loved how they took a pattern, made it up, and then turned it inside out.  

Here's the pattern that was used.

This gown was by far my favorite of the entire collection.

So simple, and yet intricate.

The back.

You can see in the picture below how the front was sewn to the opposite side of the dress. I would love to do this!!!

I'm off to my studio. I am going to spend an hour cleaning before I allow myself to dig into a new project. Sadly, I let my goal of cleaning my studio slip by. But, I am coming back to it, and that's a good thing :)
Have a wonderfully productive week!

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  1. Oh, such beautiful gowns. That orange one with the lovely back looks "so you!" Thanks for sharing. I just love these older gowns.

  2. The weaving classes sound fun! And thanks for sharing the dresses. They are all so gorgeous.

  3. Wow! Those gowns are stunning! Thanks so much for sharing with us. Glad you liked weaving; I've been doing some over the years (mostly on a frame loom), but now I'm concentrating on finishing quilt projects (and I'm making a French General fabric quilt out of 1.5-inch hexagons; this one by hand, so it'll likely take years, but a nice slow-stitch project to work on in between work projects). I finally confessed my craft greediness on a spiritual level (I'm not kidding!! Be careful little eyes what you see!! Lord, have mercy!), and it's helped me to narrow my focus a bit. I just love it all!! I've been purging my craft library and donating books to a local women's college fund for scholarships. I still couldn't give up my beading on fabric books though. These gowns make me remember why I wanted to learn this skill in the first place. Someday....

  4. Gorgeous clothes but oh, how lean the wearer must be, plus wear shapewear to smooth any little bulges.