Monday, September 24, 2018

Monday Morning Inspiration/Put a Stripe In It!

Simple joys, simple gifts.

Last Saturday marked 9 weeks since little Mr. Berkley came to live with us. What a joy he has been. I don't think I've stopped smiling in the last 9 weeks! He has brought so much joy into our home, and without doing anything more than just being himself. 

This morning as I drank my tea, I sat and enjoyed watching he and Gracie race from 1 end of the house to the other. One chased the other, and when they came to the wall, they turned and the other was in the lead. Hilarious! Then they would stop, breathe heavily for a moment, and then off they would go again. Berkley has brought Gracie back to life, warmed my heart, and put a smile back on my face. I'll never know, but I think it's his way of simply saying thank you. 

I call this picture, "Before and After Rhonda" :)
On the left is the picture I saw on the internet prior to adopting Berkley. He's dirty, and now that I know him, I can see that he is afraid. On the right...pure joy!

It's interesting how athletic wear has permeated every aspect of today's fashion. It's no longer relegated to just the gym, you see athletic inspired details in pants, tops, dresses, jackets, and coats. An athletic stripe is a perfect detail to add interest and elongate the body.
I recently came across this picture and fell in love! I love the little flounce on the back of the top, the stripe that curves across the back and then radiates into the stripe on the pant. The only change I would make would be to eliminate the stripe around the bottom of the pant. 

Another soft, flowy top with a athlesure inspired pant. 

The stripe that runs down the pant leg is repeated simply in the band on the sleeve. 

This ensemble is from Addias.  

I love how the stripe curves across the back of the jacket and then elongates the body by bringing the eye down to the stripe in the pant.

This piece is just so lovely. The soft ruffle that is sewn into the stripe on the blouse and then brought into the pant. 

This piece makes me long for a cool day. The stripe runs down the sleeve and then down into the pant. Love the play on color blocking too.

Love the echo of the stripe in the duster, and then in the pant.

Here the stripe has been added to a dress. Although it's a rather wide stripe, it blends in so beautifully with the plaid in the main fabric. 

There are so many aspects of our lives that on the surface can seem simple, watching dogs run, a cup of tea on a cool rainy day, or even an outfit that makes us feel great each and every time we slip into it. 
May you find a simple joy, a simple gift in your day :)

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  1. LOVE hearing about Berkley and how he's doing (and Gracie too!). I think you were made for each other! Love the clothes shots too. Something so graceful and graphic at the same time. And it doesn't take much, does it? Have you ever heard of B.Yellowtail? I accidentally came across her collection while looking up something else online. I was so delighted to hear her story, because I was born and raised in Montana near the same area where she is from. When I looked at her collections, I love how she has used art from her heritage (Crow and Cheyenne traditions), many of which are embedded graphics. I think you'd appreciate her simplicity in the pieces that have just a touch of a repeated graphic or design. Small but mighty!

    1. I have not heard of B. Yellowtail, but thanks for telling me about her!
      A friend of mine was visiting and she could not believe that we had only had Berkley for less than 2 months at that point. She said, “it’s like he has always been your dog.” Like you said, made for each other 😊

  2. That pup is so happy and healthy he's just gleaming. Maybe Berkley and Gracie need jackets with athletic stripes for the winter.

    1. He really does gleam 😊
      As for coats, Gracie has such a thick coat to begin with. She was truly made for the winter. But Berkley...he will most likely need a coat. Looking forward to making a few for him, and maybe I will add a racing stripe! 😊

  3. Awwwww. Your doggy really is handsome now! So happy you found him and he you.