Friday, August 24, 2018

A New Edition of Sewbussted Reads

At long last, I have a new edition of Sewbussted Reads is up on Youtube.

The books are not for everyone, but I decided to go ahead and do the review, as each of the books have meant so much to me. And, if to me, then maybe there is someone out there for whom the books will be just what they need.  

In this video, I talk about a wonderful book, Tattoos On the Heart by Gregory Boyle. The second book is one that I have had in my personal library for such a long time, A Shepherd Looks at Psalms 23. Both are beautifully written, and full of inspiration. 

You may notice that I am wearing the tee I made for this week's Month of Woven Tees :) I'm so grateful that Becky invited me to do this challenge. I'm getting so many wonderful new pieces in my wardrobe!     

Hope you enjoy the review!


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  1. I think I appreciate how much you share of yourself while you're talking about the books. I have heard of both but haven't had a chance to read either...on the list... ;-)

  2. I really like this. Great idea.
    If it is woven, I am assuming it doesn't stretch. How did you get into it?
    Keep up the great work.
    Sew Diva