Monday, August 21, 2017

Monday Morning Inspiration/Timeless Fashion and Resources

Two weeks ago, I found out that the yoga studio in my neighborhood offers a weekly restorative yoga class. The first week, I had an excruciating headache. I hate when I get these headaches. They last for 48 hours, regardless of what I do, or what I take to relieve the pain. I went anyway, and I was so glad that I did. The headache did not go away, but an hour and 15 minutes of relaxation poses was just what I needed. I'm now hooked. Tonight will be my third class, and I cannot wait! 

I absolutely love it when I have the opportunity to bring you resources that you might not know are available :) 

My husband belongs to the Model A Ford Club of America. The club is composed of men and women who love Model A Fords, and enjoy the era in which the cars were produced, whether they own one or not. They even produce a magazine that comes out every other month.  

There's always a fashion related article in every magazine. 

The articles encompass everything from accessories, to tips on how to select the best dress suited to your body type. And even better, access to the articles is FREE!!! You can see an entire list of the articles HERE. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you'll find a link to access archived articles. 

The organization has worked hard to bring their members resources for authentic clothing. HERE you will find their Pattern Project page. 

There you will find patterns for; 

Daytime Dresses,

 Cocktail Gowns, 

Evening Gowns,




 And even a pattern for a traditional kimono.

Info on other patterns and how to order can be found HERE.

I think this is a wonderful resource for anyone who enjoys vintage fashion. So many of the fashions are really quite timeless.

Most of you know about the wonderful Decades of Style pattern company. There you can find lots of wonderful vintage patterns that can easily be translated into pieces that work for today. You can find their 1920's patterns HERE

Have a wonderful week! I hope that you too can find a little something that can restore your soul :)

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  1. Thanks, Rhonda for sharing such a marvellous resource. The clothes and hats featured are gorgeous, as are the illustrations. So very elegant and you are right, some are timeless and would look very modern if made up. I am in love with the cloche hats and the coat. It is a knock-out. I am glad that you enjoy the yoga and that it has a restorative effect. I used to go to a mindfulness class and found that it had very similar benefits. Xx

    1. Those hats are so lovely and easy to copy! Would be great in wool for the winter months.
      I am really loving the restorative yoga class. I think it's about the best thing I have done for myself in quite a while 😊

  2. Yoga does such wonderful things to both mind and body. Enjoy your class Rhonda 😃

    1. This week was even better than the last 2 classes. I think I'm hooked 😉