Thursday, December 15, 2016

A Cape With A Shape/Cape Super Express

It's 0 degrees in Chicago!!! Just in case you think that's an "O", it's not, it's zero :) Now, I really don't mind the cold, in fact I rather enjoy it. But as I drank my first cup of tea this morning and watched the morning news, I had to laugh a bit about the idea of zero degrees. Zero implies nothing, like a size 0, how can one be a size 0? Do they not exist? Does a temperature reading of zero mean that the thermometer has given up, there's no longer a temperature? Of course I'm not being serious, just laughing a little about the frigid weather :)

As I type out this post, I'm looking out at the river, steam rising off of the water. There are a few blocks where the water doesn't freeze due to the warm water from the filtration plant being pumped back into the river. So on cold days, the steam rising up off of the water makes for a rather beautiful sight, especially when it gets super cold and the ice crystals from the water begin to freeze in the trees. For me it's a reminder that there's always beauty if we just choose to look for it.  

Well, enough about the weather!

The new post for the Islander Sewing System Cape Super Express sew along is up on the Sew News blog, and you can find it HERE.

I decided to use a piece of denim for this cape. You can see the shape of the cape better in the denim than you can in the faux fur and velvet that I used for the other cape. It really is a pretty shape. Although it's a cape that's roomy and loose fitting, it does have shape. There are darts in the front that accent the bust, and there are darts in the back neckline that help to give the cape fit across the back. I think the pattern has been well designed. 

If you look closely at the hood below, you'll see quite a bit of  top stitching. I was determined to use the fabric that I had, but I was a little short. So the hood was cut into a number of pieces and then stitched back together. To tie it all together, I will be top stitching the cape as well. It's a little tricky, but doable. Below you also see the lining that I will be using for my cape. I always enjoy using something a little fun!

This post is basic construction. In our next post, I will show you the method I used to attach the lining to the cape at the arm slots. It's a different method than what is used in the pattern instructions, so you can see my method, and the method in the pattern, and then determine which you would like to use.

If you have not purchased a pattern, but would like to do so, you can find it HERE at Shop Sew It All.

Have a wonderful day, and if you are pretty much anywhere in the U.S. today, bundle up and stay warm!!!

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  1. I was thinking about you frozen people last night - my brother lives in Northbrook where the temp was 14 but with windchill it was -5. Ouch!

    I love the shape of this cape, and your fabric choice and the red contrast are just perfect.

  2. Oh this is a gorgeous cape Rhonda! Beautiful shape indeed. I must go check out the pattern..

  3. I'm a Midwesterner too (from Chicago originally!) and am having one of my ever-so-often thoughts of "WHY do I live here again?!?" :) But you're right, when you can observe the beauty of nature from the warmth of home or office, all is right!

    Can't wait to see the finished cape! And YAY for piecing it together in a fabulous make it work moment!

  4. Well speaking of weather, today is going to be a beautiful 27c in Melbourne. I will definitely be going for a lunchtime walk :) My pattern hasn't arrived yet but I am thinking about what fabrics I have in my stash that will be applicable.

    1. Raining in Peak Hill - traveling on the way north to the sunshine state. Summer sewing for the next 4 months but good to look at what is coming for our next winter.

  5. Well our temperature in central VA was 27 with wind gust making it feel like 8 degrees. The only times I have been to Chicago is when it is cold. So when we have temperatures like today with the wind, I think of Chicago.

    Loving the look of this cape. As you state, it is easier to see the nice details with this fabric.

  6. This cape is looking good, I love the lines of it. Your joking about the cold was hilarious to me. My sister lives there and though I miss her, I do not miss that weather.

  7. This cape looks amazing in denim. There is something about this design, perhaps the dart and fit, that keeps it from being too "cape-y", if that makes sense. I think that is a plus. The lines are so pyramidal. Great pattern.

  8. I really love the lines of this cape and it does look fabulous in denim. But Rhonda, isn't denim a little light for a Chicago winter? Sounds like Sydney winter to me.