Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Making Your Search a Little Easier With Blog Tabs

Good Morning All!

I wanted to just do a quick little post this morning and give you an update on what is now on the blog. If you look just below the blog title, you'll see a bar. The bar includes a tab for the blog home and the following links;

1. Master Sewing And Design Certification Program
2. Free Patterns
3. Sew News Sew Along Links

In another post, I'll talk a little more about the Master Sewing and Design Certification Program tab.

The second tab links you to 2 free patterns that I will happily send to you,

 Fleece Slippers For The Entire Family 

Poinsettia Napkin Ring

The third tab is still a work in progress, but there you will find links to all of the Sew News sew alongs that I have done. Just click on the week that you are interested in and you're good to go. I will also be adding links to the sew alongs that were done in 2014. 

The Sew Chic Valentine Slip 

The Decades of Style Arches Skirt

Dixie DIY Movies In The Park Shorts

Grainline Studio Portside Travel Set

I am planning to add tabs for all of the Fabulous Free Pattern Friday posts as well as the Sleeves on Saturdays posts. So in the event that you are looking for a specific post, I hope it will make your search a little easier.


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  1. Love the tabs - - how clever and easy!

  2. Great! I'm hoping that it will be a nice feature for everyone :)

  3. Wow, what a lot of work. Thanks for doing this. Your posts are one of the best sewing resources on the Internet. Xx

    1. Your message was the first I read this morning. What a gracious comment and such a gift. Just the perfect way to start my day. Thank you, thank you!!

  4. That is great for your readers but what a lot of work for you. Thank you for making things easier for us Rhonda.

    1. It really isn't so bad as I can easily find most things on my Pinterest page, thank goodness!!
      It took me a while to figure it out. That was the most frustrating for me ;) I always say that if I were 6 years old, all of this would be second nature. Sadly, I'm at the age where I need the remedial computer training class ;)

  5. I love tabs! Thanks, Rhonda!

    1. It took me a while to figure it out. I feel like a child that has just learned something new ;)