Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Pillowcases Hit YouTube!

For those of you who are looking for the next tutorial on the zebra dress, I'm a little behind today, so I will be posting it tomorrow, Wednesday afternoon. I had planned to do another pillowcase post tomorrow, so I'm just flipping my days.
This is yet another generous donation from Kitty of  http://weirwoodstation.blogspot.com/. Kitty has not been posting lately, she has started a new creative endeavor. It includes paint and I am comping at the bit to see what she has been up to! But nonetheless, do scroll through her blog as she has some great tutorials that you just might enjoy :) You may remember this gab that she did for Fabulous Free Pattern Friday last February. The bag ended up being a gift to me and It gets used everyday, well almost everyday as I keep my makeup in the bag. You can find her wonderful tutorial for the bag here,  http://rhondabuss.blogspot.com/2013/03/fabulous-free-pattern-friday.html 

So, another 24 pillowcases to add to the count. It may take longer than I had hoped to get to the magic number of 900, but as I said yesterday, I am bound and determined to get there and I soooo appreciate everyone who has and is so graciously contributing to the project.
One other thing that I am bound and determined to figure out is how to post a video. I took this video with my camera and there is no audio, so you have not lost your hearing. I just thought that I would give it a try. It still took forever to download it to YouTube though. What am I doing wrong?!!!!!! I did get the video uploaded and you can see it below. This is not going to get the better of me!!

I forgot to mention that Kitty had a quilt shop at one time, so guess what, she had fabric! The project especially appealed to her as it gave her a chance to use up some fabric and have it go to a good cause.Thanks so much Kitty for your generosity and especially your friendship.

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  1. well the video works if nothing else great selection of pillow cases.

  2. YOUTUBE. How cool! I was out shopping at my favorite discount fabric places on Monday (while my car was being serviced). I can't count how many times I would see fabric and think, "what a cute pillow case that would make!"

    1. You have already been more than generous. I have enough fabric to do what I have committed to and yet, I just bought some more last week. I just couldn't help myself:) One print had ladybugs wearing high heels. Now who could resist that?!!!