Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Night Reflections

There are two kinds of tired. There's good tired and there's bad tired. Ironically enough, bad tired can be a day that you won, but you won other peoples battles, you lived other peoples days, other peoples agendas, other peoples dreams. And when it was all over, there was very little of you in there. When you laid down to sleep, somehow you toss and turn, you don't settle easy.
Good tired on the other hand can be a day that you lost. But you know that you fought your own battles, you chased your own dreams, you lived your own day and when you laid down to sleep, you settle easy, you sleep the sleep of the just and you can say, "Take me away."
                                                                                   Harry Chapin

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  1. Here's hoping you sleep well and wake refreshed. Thanks for the moment of nostalgia.

  2. I work in a large government agency as a champion for the disadvantaged - I often feel bad tired. But every now and then something happens that makes it worthwhile.

  3. This made me think, I tend to live these two types of fatigue, thanks for sharing!