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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

A Collaboration

Can you believe that it's the last day of July?!!! 

One of the best things I did for myself this summer was to create the Summer Bucket list. It was not my original idea, but the idea of a precious teenager who sadly lost her list. But in doing so, gave me a wonderful gift. 

The pictures below document a few of the things I've done. While in Colorado, I did a 13 mile hike along the Fraser River. All alone, and I loved it. Took a hot air balloon ride. The bottom pictures are of me at Gene's Sausage Shop here in Chicago, eating at their lovely rooftop garden. BTW, I did not eat sausage! I had their potato pancakes. They are sinful, but so worth it!!! I have wanted to enjoy the rooftop garden at Gene's for years, but finally made it happen this summer :) The view is so lovely.   

Not exactly on my list, but I took a fun block printing class at the Jewish Museum Milwaukee. Finished up my leather sneakers, and have been enjoying my artwork.  

There are a number of things on my list that are fast approaching. One is Shakespeare in the Park. Should be a delightful evening.

Now for something new... 

A number of years ago, I decided to do the Passion For Fashion contest at the American Sewing Expo. Sadly, the expo no longer exists. The contest was set up to be a mini Project Runway competition. On Thursday night, we chose our models. Friday morning we were given out challenge, along with $100 to create our garments. We were given until 7 that evening to work, and then again on Saturday until 3. At 3, our models returned, and we had about 45 minutes to make any adjustments that needed to be made. We then went before the judges. All a bit of a whirlwind. We even had our own version of Tim Gunn, Becky Fulgoni. 

A few months ago, Becky sent me a note and asked if I would like to collaborate on a project with her. Of course I would!!! Becky is so very talented, and has the loveliest sense of style. What she proposed was a t-shirt collaboration.

We have finally worked out the particulars, and here's a little peek at what will be happening every Tuesday the month of August. 

We have decided to do woven t-shirts, and we will be using some non-traditional fabrics. With each post, we will also include a tea based recipe. It might be a drink, and it might be something to eat.

You can find Becky's blog, Trial Balloons HERE. Be sure to pop over and follow her blog so you can see what she creates. But, in case you forget, I will be posting links on my post to make it easy:)

When I think of summer, my mind always goes back to picking vegetables, afternoons swimming at the lake, a big glass of ice tea, and wearing cool, comfortable t-shirts. I'm excited about the collaboration/challenge. What a fun way to finish out the summer!


  1. Wonderful! You seem so full of life and make me feel happy reading your blog.

  2. So good that you have been able to accomplish some things on your list! Look forward to see what you and Becky "develop."

  3. Oh yay, a hot air balloon ride! My dad is a pilot and it's always exciting by association when someone takes a ride in one. =) Dawn flights were always my favorite, since you can see the curtain of night rolling away as the sun rises; I bet with the scenery of Colorado in the background it was even more spectacular!


  4. I’m glad you have had a fun summer. Your collaboration sounds fun, looking forward to reading.

  5. I"m not sure if you would be interested but they are casting for a new season of Project Runway?? I"m sure you know some folks who should try out!

  6. I'm not sure if you heard but they are casting for a new season of Project Runway! It's going to be airing back on Bravo :)

  7. It’s always fun to hear what you are up to!

  8. I have been wanting to make some woven Tshirts, so am really looking forward to this. Hoping you include some suggested basic patterns that we can get creative with (the fun part!) Thanks