Saturday, January 21, 2012

Fabulous Free Pattern Friday

I'm a little late and I apologize. Where was I and what was I doing rather than posting?
 Yep! That's me!!! Believe it or not, it really is me! It's even difficult to recognize the hat,
but it's this hat from another Fabulous Free Pattern Friday. It's my favorite ski hat, so nice and warm. I came in last night, exhausted. On my agenda was my FFPF post and an article I had promised to write. The article was written and then I was just too tired to write any more. So please forgive me.

A few days ago I showed you this dress. It was supposed to be my post for the Sew Weekly Challenge, a garment inspired by an accessory, but I was too late. Oh well, I did try.
Now when you see how easy this is to create, you may not believe it. It's just two rectangles, really. You will need to use a two-way stretch knit fabric for this dress.  
You will need three measurements, your hip measurement, your above the bust measurement and the length that you would like the dress to be, or if you prefer, this could also be a top. 
If your hips are 40", I would add at least an inch for ease, two inches is a little nicer. Measure from the top of your bust to your desired length, this could even be floor length, your decision. Cut your fabric, hip measurement plus ease, by the desired finished length. Add an inch and a half to your length for the elastic casing. The elastic is sewn to the top of your rectangle.
Begin by sewing the center back seam. Easy as there is only one seam. You will now have a tube.

I used a one inch wide elastic. Take your elastic and pull it around the top of your bust for a comfortable fit. I zigzag my elastic to my garments and then fold it over and zigzag it down.
 Now you can see that the wrap is a second rectangle that is attached to the back. I zigzagged my wrap section to my elastic. To determine the length of your wrap, it should go around your bust and then around your waist and have enough left to tie and hang. The width of the wrap should be wide enough to cover the area of your back from the elastic to your shoulders.
 In this photograph you can see the front of the dress without the wrap over it.
 The wrap can be tied in a multitude of ways. Once again, use a two-way stretch knit.
So now you know, it's just that easy. What probably took the most time was rolling and sewing the edges of the wrap. I wanted a little nicer finish than a serged edge.
If you decide to give it a try and have any questions, please feel free to shoot me an email, sewbussted@yahoo.com.
Hope you're having a lovely weekend. I am, I'm off to have one of my favorite meals, Mexican food!!!!! After a day of skiing, there's nothing better.

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  1. I love this dress!! Shams recommended your site as a must-see. She is right.
    I am a new follower.

  2. Hi Rhonda- this is another great pattern that I plan to make. Thanks for sharing it with us!