Monday, January 25, 2021

Monday Morning Inspiration/Carolina Herrera

One would think that with a pandemic going on that I would be blogging like crazy. But, it seems that my time gets used in other ways. I do miss blogging, so that's a good thing :) I have lots and lots to share this week, so hopefully I'll stay focused :/ Think good thoughts for me!!!

I have been so impressed with the Carolina Herrera Fall/Winter 2020/2021 collection. What initially caught my eye was the dress below;

I'm sure that what initially caught my eye was the color combination, that shade of teal blue and green are my favorite! I love the drafting of the 6-gore skirt, the tied sleeves,and the neckline. I have attached the fashion show video below. Be sure to watch for this outfit. It's rather simple in design, but oh so pretty, and moves like a dream.     

There were a number of baby doll pieces in the collection. The piece above reminds me of an old Donna Karan piece that became a Vogue pattern. If I ever get to go to another black tie event, I want to make this!!!  

There were a number of gorgeous sleeves in the collection. Yes, I know that the ties are much too long for everyday wear, but they are still pretty :)

The sleeves on this top/tunic are similar to a sleeve design that I shared quite a while ago for my Sleeves On Saturdays series. You can find the directions for the sleeve HERE.  

As I said, there were a number of baby doll like dresses in the collection. For most of us, the dress below would be just too overwhelming. It's lovely, just a lot.

Vogue came out with this sweet little baby doll dress. I've made the dress 3 times, and I have plans for another. I absolutely love this pattern. It gives you the same feel without being so over powering. You can find the pattern HERE

I have noticed that pantsuits are coming back!!! But, they aren't the overly structured suits that we knew in the 80s and 90s. I so love putting on a jacket. It just seems to finish off an outfit.

Friday Pattern Company just released a lovely, relaxed jacket, the Heather Blazer. It's on sale at the moment, 20% off. The jacket is also being offered as a bundle with the Chandler Trousers of Untitled Thoughts. You can find the bundle HERE

I so love this this piece, the color, the draped bustier. Just glorious! 

I included this dress as it it so Carolina Herrera, the giant rose embroidery, the empire waist, the bare shoulders. So very pretty. 

I've included the fashion show below. Take a few minutes to watch as I think it will add a little sunshine to your day :)

Have a lovely day! Just remember, you can add a little sunshine to your day in such easy ways, making yourself a special cup of tea, and serving it in a lovely porcelain cup. A true confession...
While cleaning, I have been known to strap on a pair of my favorite shoes and dust my bedroom. Amazing what those shoes can do for my spirit!!!

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  1. Wow, some of these are so different from the Carolina Herrera I know and love that I would never have guessed it was her! She is really branching out.

    1. It is quite different, but there are still some of her traditional pieces like a white blouse. I thought the collection was really fresh and fun! :)

  2. Carolina Herrarra has long been one of my favorite designers
    Thanks for the inspiration

    1. One of my favorites too! Looking forward to having an occasion to wear a "Rhonda copy" of one of these :)