Thursday, November 5, 2020

Opportunities That Inspire

A few days ago, I came across this little cartoon on Instagram, thought it was cute, and saved it. Well, a friend of mine must have had a telepathy moment, because........  

I went into my garage on Monday evening, and found piles of fabric that weren't there the last time I was in the garage. There was a huge pile on the floor, 

and bolts laying on top of a cabinet!!! I stood there completely puzzled as to how it got there. Once the shock wore off, I realized that the only person who has a key to my garage, other than me is a very special, very long time friend. I sent him a text, and sure enough, he had left it. Mystery solved :)

There are some fabulous pieces in the mix, including 3 wonderful pieces of vintage wool. I have washed 2 of the pieces. One is a lovely, lovely pink. There's a light blue, and a camel. And by the way, you can wash wool, and not felt it. I washed it on a delicate cycle, and dried it on a delicate cycle as well. Both pieces are just so lovely. Can't wait to start cutting into them!!! 

The other pieces are all vintage, and even have the "Made in the Untied States" sticker still on them. Although vintage, the fabric is in pristine condition. I want to make up a few pieces, and just test the fabric out. If I am truly happy with the fabric, I will put quite a bit up for sale on my Etsy site. Like I said, although the fabric is vintage, you can feel the wonderful quality of the fabric. I am just so very excited!!! Such a wonderful gift. I am blessed with such great friends :) The wools I won't sell. What I don't use of those, I have earmarked for a couple of my friends. One is a student, and I know she will be absolutely thrilled to have something lovely.


Most of us are getting to a point where we are sick and tired of not being able to go much of anywhere. We all understand why, but it's so difficult. But, with that said, I think all of this has brought about some wonderful opportunities. For one, so many museums have made their exhibits available online. Most of us don't have the ability to travel the world just to see an exhibit, but now that so many have opened up their exhibits online, we basically can!

I think that it was back in March that I shared a site with you that I love. It's called Cloth Roads. You can find their entire site HERE. Cloth Roads is a global textile marketplace dedicated to creating a marketplace of high quality indigenous textiles. They also have a lively blog that takes you along on their journeys. By all means, check out their blog as it is truly a feast for the eyes. You can also sign up to receive a monthly newsletter that brings you all sorts of wonderful textile information. 

I thought I would just highlight a couple of the exhibits from this month's newsletter that you can view online;

At the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Ma
This exhibit showcases over 100 works that spans 250 years. 

I have always found Molas to be so very interesting. The Cleveland Museum of Art will have an exhibit that begins November 22nd, and will run through October of 2021.

For those of you who enjoy reading, 

This is not a free publication, but you may be able to find it in your library. You can read more about the book HERE and find links to purchasing options.

The Avenir Museum of Colorado State University will be hosting a lecture on caring for family heirlooms, including fabrics.
The lecture will be via Zoom, and will take place on December 8, 2020. You can read more about it HERE.  

If you have been inspired by Nancy Zieman, you won't want to miss a new documentary on her life entitled. "Extraordinary Grace."    

The documentary will air on Monday, November 23, 2020 at pbswisconsin.org 

So, I hope this will serve to excite you a bit. I am, especially the documentary on Nancy Zieman.

As I typed out about my washing wool, I realized that I might should do a post on washing and caring fabrics. Let me know if you might find that interesting.

Until next time, 
Keep Sewing!!!


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  1. Well, what a surprise to find all that fabric!! I do think a fabric care post would be terrific; please share what you know. I'm looking forward to seeing the piece on Nancy Zieman. She had a gift of sharing what she knew, I'm glad that the folks at Wisconsin Public Television put together a show honoring Nancy.

  2. Yes, please! More about washing woven wools!

  3. Wonderful gift from your friend. Thanks for the heads up on the Nancy Zieman documentary.

  4. I would certainly like to learn more on washing wools. Thanks again for all your valuable tips.

  5. I would love any information on fabric care, especially something as potentially problematic as washing wool. And, I love and am cheered by your posts.

  6. Other than a heavy melton, I always wash my wools in the machine and usually dry them as well. So far so good. Sometimes I deliberately felt them, different temps and times to make different garments/items. I am anxiously awaiting the Zieman story. She is my hero as well.

  7. The fabrics look lovely. Sending good wishes to you all for this lock-down from Victoria Australia, as we have just finished a 120 day lock-down that worked in decreasing Covid numbers to 0 for the last 12 days - so happy :)