Monday, June 24, 2019

Monday Morning Inspiration/Cargo Pants

This past winter, Berkley and I worked with a trainer. She was amazed by how smart he is, and said that my job of training him would be fairly easy as he is VERY treat motivated, and he adores me, and wants to please me. I work on his commands when we are out for a walk, kind of a get 2 things done at one time situation. In order to work with him, I carry a bag of treats as well as the training can. The can is nothing more than an empty soda can that has 10 pennies in it and is completely wrapped with duck tape. If I need to reel him in and get him to concentrate on me rather than another dog, a rabbit, or whatever, I shake the can which makes him immediately break his focus and look at me. A great little tool. 

The weather in Chicago has been so very cool this summer. During the winter, I would put my treat bag and the training can in the pockets of my coat. Then when it got a little warmer, I changed to a vest. It looks like summer is finally going to arrive, so the vest is going to be a little too warm to be walking around in. I love cargo pants, especially when I am out running errands. I put my phone in 1 pocket, my credit card, a little cash and my driver's license in another, my keys in yet another. It's a great way to run around and not have to carry a purse. I have 1 great pair of pants, but they are a little heavy, more for winter, so I need to get on the band wagon and get a few pair of cargo pants added to my wardrobe.

I've posted this picture before. I love this pant! Who says that cargo pants can't be super cute?!

This pair is much more traditional, but I like the addition of the rings on the belt loops. Add a claw hook and you have a great way to carry your keys. I also like the gathered leg.

This pair is a little futuristic as the seams and pockets have been trimmed with glow in the dark tape. I don't know that I would do this, but it's kinda fun nonetheless. 

Cargo pants can be made out of any type of fabric. Love this Burberry inspired pair. 

The pair below are a little wild. But,a little color blocking could be fun.

Of course, cargo pants are all about pockets, pockets,and more pockets. I like the idea of adding maybe just 1 pocket that stands away from the leg,especially since I am always sticking so much in my pockets.

Here's another fun way to accent pockets and do a little color blocking. Love the stripe down the side of the leg. A great place to hide a zippered pocket.

This Thursday, June 28, 2019, a friend of mine, and fellow blogger are going to announce a little cargo pant challenge that we will be doing together, and one that you may participate in as well. It should be fun!!!

Have a wonderful week, and make something fun!

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  1. These look great. I'd love to know which pattern you would recommend for cargo pants.

  2. Hi Rhonda, My inspiration post is up. I'm excited to start the challenge. ;-)