Monday, July 20, 2015

Monday Morning Inspiration/Lilly Pulitzer

Happy Monday Everyone!!! Hope your week is off to a great start. Summer has finally arrived in Chicago. Funny, everyone was complaining about the cool summer and now that it's warm, they're complaining about how hot it is. I guess we're never happy. My day started off in my garden. With the hotter temperatures, the flowers need to be watered a little more frequently. And then there are dead blooms that need to be picked away, so always something to do. I thought you might like to see one of my baskets. They give me so much joy.

Last week for our inspiration post, I talked about Pucci and how he was able to create not only a fashion empire, but a brand. Of course there are copycats, but typically, there's no mistaking a Pucci garment, especially the fabulous psychedelic prints.
Another name that created a brand name was Lilly Pulitzer. Believe it or not, her initial intention wasn't to create a fashion line. The "Lilly" dress, as it came to be called, came about because she wanted to hide stains that happened from selling juice. Eventually, she was selling more dresses than juice and so a brand was born. Although, it wasn't until Jacqueline Kennedy was photographed wearing a Lilly Pulitzer dress that the brand really took off.
The Lilly Pulitzer brand came to be synonymous with a wealthy, laid back lifestyle and being a member of "the club." Here's a little background history on the Lilly Pulitzer brand.
Lilly Pulitzer was a genius at marketing the simple designs. Not only did mom want to wear the clothes, but her daughters did as well.
 As it was said in the video, the designs are based on a simple sheath dress.
Many have some type of crocheted lace embellishment.
 The prints are always bright and bold.
 I especially liked the knotted detail on the dress below.
 Another take on a sheath as a mock wrap.
 Eventually, the brand ventured beyond sheath dresses and started creating pants. I love the slogan, "Wrap your Lilly around your leg."
 Men also started wearing Lilly designs in ties, jackets and pants.
Lilly Pulitzer died in 2013, but the brand goes on and is still sought after as we saw with the incredible frenzy that was created when Target came out with a limited line.

Here's an interesting link to a video from the Washington Post fashion critic. You can find it HERE. She feels that the line may be good for retail, but it's terrible fashion. Take a look and see if you agree.
So how do you create a brand? Create something that everyone wants to wear? Or is it something more?
Have a wonderful week!

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  1. Your flowers are gorgeous. Getting too hot (and too many grasshoppers) for many flowers here now. Had some pretty cone flowers, mexican petunias, and fairy roses earlier. Getting in the 100's now. Those Lilly's are so pretty. Love those bright prints.

  2. What beautiful, exuberant flowers you have! You've got the magic touch inside and out.

  3. I was so happy to see that you're featuring Lily in your post today! I love the a-line styles, the sheaths that are embellished so that they're so much more than that. I'm a fan of embellishing myself and turn to her line for inspiration. It's very wearable, whether or not it's true fashion....

  4. Rhonda, your flowers are beautiful. Do you grow vegetables too?
    While I've never even tried on a Lilly, I've always admired the fabric. Such fun prints. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Ginger. When we first bought our home, I had a true shade garden, so the few vegetables that I grew were in pots. Since then, Dutch Elm disease took out a number of my trees, so for the time being, I have a sunnier garden and I could grow vegetables, but I've stick with my pots. I grow 3 types of peppers, tomatoes, and lots of basil. I also grow chives and sage as I love both. But they are both perrenials so they grow in a bed.

  5. that ad... lilly fabric, 5 a yard.... SIGH....

    1. Isn't that a fabulous ad?!! But remember, $5.00 in 1970 would be like $30.00 now.

  6. Beautiful flowers! Thank you for the Lilly Pulitzer post. Regardless of who thinks her clothes are "fashion" or not, she's the one who made her brand successful. I love the prints, colors and simplicity of style. :)

    1. Remember, her title is "critic." 😉 I disagree with her as I think the line truly depicts fashion. Whether she likes it or not, many do and Lilly Pulitzer was truly a marketing genius.

  7. What beautiful flowers, you sure have a green thumb! I have to disagree with this "critic" for me fashion depends on us...what makes us feel and look good and gives us confidence! That is her opinion which she is entitled to but she did not need to be so harsh. I can see a lot of Lilly Putitzer's collection on many shapes and size ladies!

  8. Lovely post, Rhonda! Between the flowers and the Lillys... all so pretty. I love the brief history, and I've always admired the Lilly prints, recently finding a similar cotton print in hopes of making myself a tunic or sheath in Lilly's style.

  9. I just hemmed a Lily dress for a young lady that cost $200. It was made from about 3/4 of fabric. Just shows the brand is as popular as ever. Here in Philadelphia there is a yearly Lily sale that you can get 'injured' while trying to grab a bargain.
    Love your flowers.