Monday, July 13, 2015

Monday Morning Inspiration/Emilio Pucci

There are designers who design beautiful clothes, and then there are designers who not only create beautiful clothes, but create a brand. One that comes to mind is Pucci. His psychedelic, kaleidoscope prints are unmistakable and timeless. As I did a little research, I was amazed by what I learned. He began life as the child of one of Florence Italy's oldest noble families. He loved sports and was even on the Italian Ski Team for the 1932 Winter Olympics. In 1935 Pucci received a scholarship for skiing to Reed College in Oregon where he earned a Masters degree in Social Science. That same year, he was awarded his doctorate in Political Science from the University of Florence. In 1938, he joined the Italian Air Force and served as a bomber pilot during World War II. Before leaving the service, he rose to the rank of captain and was decorated for valour. 
The first clothing that Pucci designed was for the Reed College Ski Team. You can see the outfit and read more HERE.
After the war, the Italian economy was in ruins. Pucci went to Zermott, Switzerland, taught Italian and gave ski lessons. He initially designed a sleek outfit for himself and then enthusiastic friends encouraged him to make outfits for them as well. It was then that Harper's Bazaar took notice and photographed his design. 
By 1965, Pucci's fashion line was well established. In an attempt to update their image, Pucci was hired by Braniff Airlines to design outfits for the flight attendants which you can see below.

I found this video. It's so dated and funny. No airline would ever produce anything like it today. It's only about a minute long.
Now for a few of the iconic pieces. As beautiful then as they are now.

I actually had the opportunity to see this bathing suit at the Italian Style exhibit that I attended in Nashville. 
 Pucci prints were found everywhere,from scarves to sunglasses, shoes,
 and handbags.
So this was then.......
 and this is Pucci now. This outfit is from the Fall 2015 collection.
 A handbag and shoes from the same collection.
Before we go, I thought I would share a photo of Pucci's home in Florence. Take note of the beautiful Pucci area rug. 
Who would believe that a bomber pilot could become a fashion icon???? Anything is possible!
Have a lovely day.

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  1. What an interesting blog entry! What a ghastly video! Where do you find these things? You always take us places I've never seen before; thank you for the trips out of my ordinary life.

    1. Can you believe that there was a time when we would not have flinched at a commercial like that?!!! All I did was do a search for Pucci's Braniff designs and that video came up. It's so shocking now, so I just had to share it.

  2. Last year in New York I was lucky enough to be able to purchase a piece of Pucci fabric. It was only big enough for a shell, but I made it and love it. I will email you a picture. Thanks for the history on Pucci. So interesting.

    1. I had no idea that he was a pilot and an Olympic athlete. Pretty amazing.
      Look forward to seeing your top.

  3. You always are so interesting. Thank you for enriching my life and expanding my education!

  4. Fascinating blog post, Rhonda. He certainly was the master of prints. That video is just incredible. This is the type of thing the newest generation of feminists needs to see. They have no idea what it was like before Steinham and Freidan and the video is a perfect example of what women fought against. Thanks for a great post.

    1. Thanks Bunny. I was shocked when I initially clicked on the video. And to think that at the time, it wasn't at all shocking. We still have so far to go, but thankfully, we have made progress.

  5. What timeless designs. The same can't be said for the advert - I am still giggling.

    1. I've always loved his prints, but I was so surprised by how accomplished he was. Just an incredible mind. The video, well, I'm glad that it's shocking to us at this point in time.

  6. What an interesting man & life - thanks for all the research . I love the prints ! I think the black/ white geometric pieces would be the highlight of a trip to the grocery store - tee hee.
    Thanks for all the inspiration !!