Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday Morning Inspiration/Geoffrey Beene

I've missed Monday morning by a long shot, but I just couldn't let the day completely get away without saying hello and offering a little inspiration.
Through January 3rd of 2016, Kent State University Museum in Kent, Ohio, will be featuring a collection of the work of American designer, Geoffrey Beene.  From the museum's website,

"American designer Geoffrey Beene (1927–2004) was respected throughout the American fashion industry for the high technical quality of his work and his innovative, modernist designs. Although very fashionable, Mr. Beene’s collections were never trendy and always original. He took an artist’s approach to turning two-dimensional fabric into a three-dimensional shape for the body and was considered a designer’s designer. Garments from the Museum’s collection will trace his 40-year career."

Mr. Beene sought to eliminate seams and simplify his designs and still make it possible for women to move easily in his clothes. His jackets were structured, simple and still captivating. 

He enjoyed playing with minimalist design. 

 And he understood how to cut fabric and mold it to a woman's body.
 He created sweet little dresses,
 and gowns with a sense of humor.

 He used structured fabrics with a menswear feel and paired them with lace.
  Although menswear inspired, the garments were especially flattering to a woman's shape.

Kent, Ohio is located just a little southeast of Cleveland, Ohio and is a 6 hour drive from Chicago. Along with the Geoffrey Beene exhibit, the Kent State Museum is also featuring  an exhibit entitled, Reveling Secrets, Clothing from the Inside Out. The exhibit focuses on the hidden interiors and construction of historic and couture garments. Another exhibit that will open in late July will focus on women and fashion during World War I. If you live anywhere near the mid-west, I think this would make for an especially interesting weekend trip. You can find the Kent State Museum website HERE.
Hope your week is off to a great start!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this! My dearest friend is a KSU alum and we went to their museum once while she was at grad school there. I had no idea they had so many great exhibits running right now, but needless to say, I am planning our next roadtrip right this very moment!

  2. Geoffrey Bean used to be my favorite designer, and now I remember why, thanks to your post. And I live in the midwest and certainly will make every effort to get to this exhibit before it is gone. Thank you for this post.