Monday, December 1, 2014

Monday Morning Inspiration

Good Morning and a very happy Monday to you all! For those of you in America, I hope you survived the Thanksgiving holiday and that you are now ready for all that December holds :)

Today's inspiration post is just some bits and pieces that I found and thought were rather fun. Most are ideas for manipulating fabric into something a little different, like this first idea of adding horsehair as a design element.
Add interest to an overlay on a skirt.
Rather than allow the folds of this circular skirt to hang free, tack them down and interest.
Such a pretty way to manipulate stripes.
Shirred circles to create a cap. Maybe just a detail would be better.

An interesting detail that would look great added to princess seams.
With all the new fabrics that are now available, we can cut away and have fun!
This would be a little tedious, but how pretty, just a touch of red stitching.
3-D leaves for a voluminous skirt.
Interesting design created with pleats.
Pretty smocking details give the next pieces shape and interest.

 I've posted this coat before, but it's so pretty that it deserves a repeat look.
I also posted this skirt recently, but again...so pretty.
The folds make this an amazing skirt.

Prairie points used to create an interesting belt. 
Now this is quite simple, but a great idea. Just take a rectangular piece of fabric, add 2 rows of gathering stitches and create an impromptu collar.
And finally, I love this skirt. Each pleat is held in place with a zipper.
Here's another look.
So now you see(me too!!!), that folding, pleating and smocking aren't just an old fashioned idea anymore!
Hope you can find a little time this week to have a little fun in an unexpected way!

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  1. Just. WOW. So many exciting and amazing details. Very inspiring.

  2. They are all very beautiful. I especially love the prairie point belt and the camel coat. Thanks for the inspriration.

  3. Rhonda - thank you for the smocking ideas! I've so wanted to incorporate smocking but couldn't find a contemporary way to include it.

  4. Beautiful but frustrating when I do not have instructions to duplicate. This is one of those times I wish I had Beccie L. or Rhonda B. genes.

  5. Just stunning ideas and wouldn't they be fun to try on a garment :) I have many favourites but I love the blue/white stripes detail, tacking down the flare in the skirt, the folds....the zippers. Wow so creative!!

  6. I'm GONE on the yo-yo/Suffolk puffs/pinwheel cape! My husband recently bought me a vintage quilt which I have dis- and re-assembled to make some cool things with-- mostly for our home. However, my daughter and I recently decided a portion of the rest of the unused 3,000+ yo-yos would make a fabulous vest.

    Love all your posts, Rhonda! Happy Monday.

  7. I love every one of these. Some are a must try when I have more time. It's wonderful how you find all these incredible designs.

  8. Some fabulous ideas here! I love the gored skirt with the panels tacked to the side, very clever. Thanks for sharing, Rhonda.

  9. Love, love, love playing with fabric manipulation like this. The three that got me started were - Collette Wolfe's book on Manipulating Fabric, Jennie Rayment (aka The Muslin Mistress) who encourages us to Tinker with Texture on clothing and Kenneth King articles in Threads.

  10. I pinned four for inspiration. Good show.

  11. The black petal skirt is stunning and all hail smocking...fabric manipulation at its best.